*This post was written in collaboration with Baby Annabell.


Ever since our eldest daughter started pre-school earlier on this year, I’ve noticed an incredible increase in her social skills. She loves playing with all of the other children in her class and she’s learnt so much from them, in such a short time. That’s why when we were asked to celebrate friendship with Baby Annabell, I knew our grown up girl would love to spend even more time with her little buddies!

Ever since both of our girls were tiny, hubs and I have taken them to baby and toddler groups. I think socialisation from a young age is so important. Learning how to develop healthy relationships sets them up for life. They learn how to conduct themselves around other people. They are thrown into situations where they have to share and they experience many different personalities and how to be around all different kinds of people.



The best of friends –

When our Baby Annabell arrived our eldest was so excited to look after her new doll and to show her friends! The doll arrived with two friendship bracelets and a friendship card too. It’s the first time our daughter has given friendship bracelets and she loved the idea of being able to give something so cute to her best bud!



This Baby Annabell set also comes with some super cute accessories, including a dummy, nappies, a bottle and a teether. The girls had so much fun looking after their new baby together, I think this set really did encourage the girls to work together!



As a parent, I loved seeing how the girls communicated as they sat playing together. They chatted about the best ways to look after Baby Annabell, they took turns to feed her and they even worked out how to change her nappy.



The importance of making friends from a young age –

I asked a few of my fellow bloggers what they thought about their children making friends from a young age, specifically related to their development. Here’s what they had to say;

Lyndsey from Me, Him, the Dog and a Baby:  ‘We put our daughter in nursery as soon as she was 2 because she wasn’t having any interaction with children her own age. I think having friends is so important as it helps develop behaviour such as kindness, sharing and respecting others early on.’

Lianne from Anklebiter’s Adventures: ‘Very important for social development and to learn how to care and love others my two have friends they have had since a few months old and love seeing them – they are like family.’

Terri from The Strawberry Fountain: ‘I think socialisation is hugely important from a young age. It teaches them various skills such as compassion, empathy, turn taking, sharing, and social queues. I also think that having friends they are familiar with helps them develop their speech as they want to communicate with them as well as their imaginations as they feed of each others ideas in role. I think that nurseries are an important part of development and would encourage parents to use them even once a week even if they don’t need the child care.’

Rebecca from Becca Blogs it Out: ‘My twins obviously have each other, which is lovely, but I think it’s really important for them to spend time with other children to help them develop their social skills. They’re very different when playing with friends, compared to when they’re just playing together.’

Care Johnson: ‘My son attended a different playgroup each day from the age of 2 weeks old. He loved the different vibes each playgroup offered and the different age groups he got to play with. On a Wednesday I used to attend a playgroup with children who were age 3-4 whilst he had only just gone 2. The difference I saw in him was massive! He played and interacted much more with the older children than the younger ones, his speech came on in leaps and bounds and since then has always played with older children. He’s such a loving child with younger ones but comes out of his shell when around slightly older children and he completely shocks me at how much he actually absorbs’

Jessica from Beauties and the Bibs: ‘I think it’s so important children learn so much from having friends . You can talk and talk to them about being kind and sharing . Unless they put it into practise in real life they won’t actually understand.’

Laura from Five Little Doves: ‘I think it is so important that our children forge friendships from a young age. Although my four all have each other, it’s important to have their own friendship groups and to learn how to build on those friendships as they grow.’

Leigh from Dad Geek: ‘ Socialisation is massively important from pre-school onwards. It teaches children how to interact with each other, how to respect each others boundaries and how to communicate. It also teaches them about sharing and working together.’

Jo from Miracle Max: ‘My 2 year old has come on leaps and bounds since starting nursery a few months ago. He had no interaction with children his own age before then really and he’s like a totally different boy. His speech has come on brilliantly, he’s learnt how to share, how to play alongside others his age. He used to ignore other children when we were out but he now actively tries to play with them.’


A huge thankyou to everyone who contributed to this post!