*We were gifted our Baby Annabell bundle for the purpose of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


Baby Annabell has been a firm favourite in our house since the girls were very small. They’re an excellent brand to promote learning through play, which is why I’m always pleased to see the girls playing with their Baby Annabell dolls. Recently, they’ve been trying out the Baby Annabell interactive doll. This product offers a range of new features that make the learning experience even more fun!

What’s in the box?

The Baby Annabell interactive dolls comes with an outfit, a bottle, a dummy and a teether. She cries real tears, can be burped and her lips move realistically when the dummy is placed in her mouth. As always, the build quality of this product is very good. Both girls were amazed at the interactive features. The biggest especially loved that she could ‘burp’ Baby Annabell once she had used the bottle.

As a parent, I enjoyed witnessing how much the interactivity with this doll ignited our girls’ imaginations. They were able to work out what their doll needed next and act on their own initiative. Problem solving is another essential skill that is developed through play and this product is the ideal way to encourage this.

The verdict –

Overall, both girls and I have been very impressed with the Baby Annabell interactive doll. It’s a product that is fun to play with, whilst aiding the learning process along the way. The interactive features have provided new challenges and pleasures, something which all parents want out of the toys we give to our children. This dolls comes highly recommended by us all!