*This is a collaborative post. 


Bedtime can be a real challenge when you have kids. During the newborn stage, it’s all about going to sleep when the baby finally falls asleep. Then as the kids get older, you have to try and wrestle them into bed at a reasonable hour. When our first daughter was born I really wasn’t getting bedtime right. I would often bathe her in the morning instead of the evening, just because I thought it was easier. That meant that at night time, I would try put her to bed and expect her to settle. There would be no relaxing bath time, followed by a little quiet time before sleep. I had things completely wrong and it was a very difficult time.

With this in mind, I realised that I hadn’t taken the opportunity to create a relaxing bed time with my children. After all, a quick bath in the morning is not relaxing in anyway shape or form. There are so many other benefits of an evening bed time routine that we were missing out on. Like a lot of new mothers, this was something I really struggled with in the early days. For this reason alone, I wish I’d focused more on creating a relaxing bed time.

Getting bath time right –

At this stage in my parenting journey I’m now getting bedtime absolutely right. These days, bedtime passes without a struggle and both girls benefit immensely from the calming environment we create each evening.

Here are 5 tips to help get your little ones off to sleep;

Give them a nice warm bath –

Run a nice warm bath, using lush smelling products that will calm your senses and your baby’s.

Lavender scented lotion –

Give your littles a gentle massage, even if it’s just on the arms and the legs. This is another super calming experience that will help prepare your baby for the land of nod.

No TV or tablets before bed –

These can stimulate a child’s mind and make them feel wide awake. Not ideal for winding down for bedtime!

Read a bedtime story –

Get the kids snuggled up in a nice warm bed. You can find practical and stylish mid-sleeper beds from Room to Grow. There’s nothing more relaxing than a comfy bed. Turn the lights down and enjoy a little quiet time, maybe a calming bedtime book. We love to sit and read our girl’s favourite books, lit by their nightlight. It’s the ideal transition into a good night’s sleep!

Put on a soothing night light – 

Sometimes bedtime can be spoilt by the darkness of a room. For kids, a room that is too dark can be a little unsettling, but a nice night light can take the edge off of the darkness.