Five Ways I Make Money as a Stay at Home Parent


If the last four years has taught me anything, it’s that multiple income streams are the key to a financially stable life. Relying on one income source is like putting all of your eggs in one basket. To be financially free, you need lots of eggs in lots of baskets! Having more than one income […]

July 4, 2019

Why Telling People I’m a Hairdresser Makes Me Feel Inadequate


Here’s something you might not know about me; I’m a university dropout. That’s right, after one term in higher education, I threw in the towel to become a Hairdresser. Was it too difficult? No. Could I have stuck it out? Yes. Did I want to? Absolutely not. The truth is, university held me back. I […]

April 4, 2019

Identity and Why I can’t Seem to Hold on to One


For as long as I can remember I have flitted from one thing to the next. I get really into something, so passionately, then soon after boredom sets in and I leave what I was doing behind, to pursue the next big thing. I’ve often wished that I had a sturdy hobby. One that I […]

March 21, 2019

Self-Employment. Why Having a Boss Just isn’t for Me


*This post was written in collaboration with Rainbow International Franchise.    When I was at school, I didn’t really have much of an idea about what I wanted to be. All I knew was that whatever I became, I wanted to do it for myself. My ultimate goal was to become self-employed. I used to […]

August 17, 2018

NCC Home Learning – Creative Writing Diploma Review


*I have been provided with access to the NCC Home Learning Creative Writing Diploma, for the purpose of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.    Taking home learning courses has long been one of my favourite things to do. Ever since I became self-employed back in 2012, I’ve taken a […]

June 25, 2018

Three Reasons your Small Business Should have a Website


In this day and age, the internet is the hub of all information. Wherever you turn, there are people on their smart phones and tablets, constantly searching the web. Social media is huge now too and it’s uncommon for people not to have a profile on at least on at least one of the major […]

April 21, 2018

Knowing my Limits – Wife. Motherhood. Life.


I’m often the person handing out tips on how to squeeze some sort of work into every waking minute. I’ve never been shy about telling others how it’s possible to work and look after kids at the same time. A lot of my posts have been written to help mothers in my situation, to make […]

March 12, 2018

Let’s Talk about Money – Multiple Income Streams


*This is a collaborative post.   As a full-time blogger, I firmly believe that making a living from blogging is possible.  It takes a lot of time and effort to build up an audience as well as numerous social media platforms, so it’s never going to happen overnight. It’s also not a job for those […]

February 5, 2018

The Ways of a Woman with Ambition


I’ve never described myself as a woman with ambition before. My usual take on life is more sit on the fence, rather than fight for what I believe in. I’ve always worked hard, but I’ve never had a passion for what I’ve done. I’ve always been happy enough to do an honest days work, without […]

January 24, 2018

#MumisBest Guest Post – Jess from The Prosecco Mum


Welcome to another instalment of my new guest series #MumisBest!  #MumisBest is all about the ever-growing SAHM/working mum debate.  I really want this series to highlight that there’s no right or wrong way, but whatever works for you and you family.  If you’d like to take part do get in touch, I’d love to hear from […]

January 15, 2018