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BusyLizzy Family Club, Baby and Toddler Classes with a Difference – FREE CLASS

BusyLizzy Family Club, Baby and Toddler Classes with a Difference – FREE CLASS

What do you think of when you hear ‘baby group’ or ‘toddler class’? Does it send shivers down your spine as you picture the chaos of old school groups, where none of the toys are working and the tea is tepid at best? If so, then I have the answer to your prayers! This week I’ve teamed up with Busylizzy Family Club, to showcase their new and revolutionised baby and toddler groups for the under 4s.


What’s on offer?

Busylizzy split their classes into three different groups; baby classes, mini classes and active tots. Each group offers the correct level of activity for the age group. therefore bringing out the best in your little ones from the outset!

Baby classes – these classes are specifically designed to provide a calm and supportive atmosphere for you and your little one. You can choose from a range of music, baby sign, baby massage and yoga among others. With so many different activities to try out, there’s no chance of tedium setting in!



Mini classes – these classes are aimed at children in the early stages of toddlerdom. You and your littles can choose from a variety of classes including mini Monet art classes or mini explorers with obstacles and excitement galore as well as many more. All of these classes are designed to teach colour recognition, counting and coordination. All in a fun and multi-sensory environment!



Active tots – these classes have been created with the older toddler in mind. Busylizzy have an amazing range of classes including languages, music, drama, ballet and yoga to name a few. All of these classes give you the chance to join in with your little ones and it gives them the perfect opportunity to let their wonderful characters shine through!


Mummy Fitness

Postnatal fitness is a great way to regain your confidence in the months after giving birth. That’s why Busylizzy offer the bee’s knees in mummy fitness classes! Depending on the type of workout you’re after, you’re free to choose from aerobics, yoga, pilates and buggyfitness to name just a few. The best bit? You take your little one along with you! There’s no need to worry about childcare and it offers perfect bonding time for mum and baby.


How are Busylizzy different from the rest?

The beauty of becoming a Busylizzy member is that is offers an incredible amount of flexibility when it comes to choosing classes. Your schedule does not have to be set in stone, one week you might enjoy a little ballet and another hip hop might tickle your fancy. Busylizzy offers a unique approach to attending classes, allowing you and your family to pick and mix at your leisure!

As parents themselves, the guys over at Busylizzy also appreciate that life doesn’t always go according to plan where children are involved. For this reason they give you the option of cancelling and rescheduling your classes up to as little as two hours before it begins. This also means that paying for classes whilst you’re on holiday is a thing of the past!

As well as all of that, Busylizzy gives you the chance to meet and socialise with like minded parents. Having a baby can be a daunting time, but surrounding yourself with friends can make you feel much less alone!


Do you fancy trying out a Busylizzy class completely FREE of charge? Find out where your nearest class is HERE and claim your spot today!



*This post was written in collaboration with Busylizzy Family Club.

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Home Style – A Modern Living Gift Guide with MicroMkt

Home Style – A Modern Living Gift Guide with MicroMkt

As a mother of two young children, the last two years have seen my home transform from a modern living space to a toy haven! As much as I like my littles to enjoy their toys, having a relaxing adult space in our home is essential. Displaying a few choice items can take away the feeling of chaos at the end of the day, replacing it with a sense of calm and style. So this week I’ve partnered with MicroMkt to bring you a modern living gift guide, showcasing a selection of their best items that will make your home super stylish!

MicroMkt is a fabulous online marketplace with a twist. Whether you’re shopping for handcrafted goods or local services, MicroMkt boasts an eclectic range of micro-businesses who all have a passion for what they do. If you love supporting small businesses, who all have expert skills and unmistakable talent when it comes to their work, then shopping with MicroMkt is for you!

Here are my MicroMkt must-haves!


Life is so busy that taking time out to relax is incredibly important. This throw is perfect for snuggling up in style, especially on those cold winter nights. Chunky knit is so on trend and in these colours it’s the ideal accompaniment for any colour scheme!


The Lodge Chunky Knit Throw. Seller: LAMARTIZ, Wales.



This clean, modern cushion with the hare design is one of my favourite picks. I love the injection of colour on the crisp, white background. This sophisticated piece would sit proudly in a snug or living area. It’s available in various other designs too, I love the idea of having scattering of cushions each with a similar yet distinctive print!

Hare on a Cushion. Seller: DYLSHOUSE, Wiltshire



Whether you’re a plant lover or not, these pots offer chic design with a versatile edge. Maybe you’ll stack them or maybe you’ll fill them with decoration. Either way they will offer your home a quirky edge that will set you apart from the crowd!


Small Concrete Pots. Seller: BELLS & WHISTLES MAKE, Winchester.


Even the nursery is allowed to have a modern twist! Wall stickers are hugely popular right now and I just love how bold and colourful this is. We all want our children to dream big, there’s no time like the present to get them started!


Dream Big Wall Sticker. Seller: NUTMEG WALL STICKERS, England.



I’m a big fan of the gold tones that have appeared on the market recently and it makes this piece stand out for all of the right reasons. I absolutely love its minimalistic, cool design!


Marble and Gold Love Print. Seller: KITTY’S PRINTS, England.


Head over to MicroMkt to find out more!


*This post was written in collaboration with MicroMkt.

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#MumisBest Guest Post – Kerry from Don’t Drop the Baby

#MumisBest Guest Post – Kerry from Don’t Drop the Baby

Welcome to another instalment of my new guest series #MumisBest!  #MumisBest is all about the ever-growing SAHM/working mum debate.  I really want this series to highlight that there’s no right or wrong way, but whatever works for you and you family.  If you’d like to take part do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!  For now I will leave you in the hands of Kerry from Don’t Drop the Baby!

We all know how much your life turns upside down when you have a baby. Not only do we have to come to terms with all the physical, emotional and mental changes that occur, but before we know it our tiny newborns are nearing that first birthday milestone. We then have to get our heads around the fact that we have to return to a full time job, use our actual brain, and, in most cases, hand our little ones over to a complete stranger to take our place while we go and earn some money. All completely guilt ridden and sleep deprived. No wonder so many women choose not to go back to work, or try to negotiate part-time hours.

I took a full year of maternity leave (the last three months were unpaid), and as the time grew nearer to returning, my anxiety levels were going through the roof. I just didn’t want to go back, plain and simple. The thought of leaving Molly with unknown staff at the nursery caused me so much stress I felt ill. My family and friends all live back home in Wales, so we had absolutely no childcare whatsoever. At that point we hadn’t even left Molly with anyone, so she was only used to me and her dad. I felt sick.

I had a meeting with my manager and she agreed that I could go back part-time, but I would have to downgrade my role as assistant manager to a senior support worker (I worked in a residential home for people with learning disabilities). I wasn’t bothered at all, as it meant that I only had to work two days a week. It just didn’t interest me at the time… as far as I was concerned my role was a mother. We worked it out and, as I was only working 16 hours per week, and after the nursery fees were paid, I was taking home about £50 a month!

But after a lengthy discussion with my partner John, we decided that it wasn’t about the money, it would be good for me to ‘have a little break’ from Molly, and that she would benefit from nursery. I reluctantly agreed. I should have trusted my gut instinct though.

The night before I started back I didn’t sleep a wink, not a single minute. I laid in bed with my heart thumping, thinking about every single dreadful scenario my anxious brain could conjure up. I was shaking as I handed my baby over to the nursery staff, and then cried my eyes out all the way to work.

That was probably one of the worst days of my life. I cannot describe the panic and worry that gripped me all day. I must have called the nursery about 10 times (Molly was fine), and I just counted down the minutes until I could get the hell out of there and go and pick her up.

I lasted about 8 months. 8 months of absolute hell. Molly was constantly unwell. Every single week she would contract another illness from nursery. Most days I went into work with no sleep after being up all night with her, and then had to leave my crying baby with strangers when she just wanted her mummy.

John and I never saw each other. He works a rolling 3 weeks of shifts (nights, mornings and afternoons), and I had to work shifts too. They begrudgingly agreed for me to work a permanent day shift on a Thursday (which most people moaned about), but then I had to work an afternoon shift on either a Saturday or Sunday. John would obviously look after Molly, but I lost count of the amount of times he had to call me at work to say that she had another temperature. Being as I had the car I had to rush home to take her to the walk in centre as inevitably she would always be ill on a weekend.

A few Thursdays I had to call in to say I couldn’t make it into work as Molly was ill – we had a few hospital visits during that time for croup/an allergic reaction plus 15 ear infections. If I had a day off it meant I didn’t get paid, but the nursery still took their fees even though Molly wasn’t there. We may as well have been flushing money down the toilet!

The final straw came when it was nearing to Christmas and I was expected to work on Christmas Day. The thought of not seeing Molly opening her presents while I went to a job that I had grown to hate just pushed me over the edge. The pittance I earned (it was even less when you factored in money for petrol/lunch) just wasn’t worth it. I handed my notice in and left in November 2015. I cannot tell you the relief I felt, it was like I’d been holding my breath for months and I could finally breathe again.

Luckily we were in a position where I didn’t have to work. We could just about cover everything with John’s wage, but it did mean that he had to work overtime most weekends. Although it was hard at times being on my own, I absolutely loved being a SAHM mum. I relished the fact that we didn’t have to be anywhere at a certain time, we could get up in the morning with no stress and decide where we wanted to go, and if Molly was ill and had a bad night it didn’t matter.

After a while though I started to get bored. I missed working and having adult conversations, I missed having my own money in my bank account without having to ask John, and I missed using my brain! However, with the extortionate nursery fees and not qualifying for any help from the government we were pretty much stuck. So I started to think of things I could do around Molly. I looked at what I had – a car, a laptop and now an extensive knowledge of small children. There was only one thing for it – to start my own soft play hire business!

Tipple Tails launched in May 2016 and it’s been steadily growing ever since. I’ve had to turn a few jobs down as I’ve been fully booked. I did everything myself in the evenings when Molly was in bed – wrote a business plan and secured a small loan, researched all the other similar businesses in the area, purchased all the stock, designed my own flyers/business cards, sourced a graphic designer to design my logo and then I designed my own website.  I created the Facebook page and then marketed/promoted/advertised it to the hilt! I knew absolutely nothing about running a business (I failed Business Studies CGSE), and I am really just learning as I’m going along.

I absolutely love it though. Molly gets to come to work with me on the days when John is on overtime which she thoroughly enjoys. She helps me set up/pack away, and most of the time gets spoiled with sweets by my customers! I’ve had 5* reviews on my Facebook page and all of my customers have told me how much fun the kids have had.

The only downside is that it’s not bringing in a full time wage, and there have been some weeks where I haven’t worked at all. That’s the disadvantage of being self-employed I guess. So I have also just taken on another job as the online area manager for Families. Again I just do this in my spare time at home, and it basically involves researching everything that’s going on in the local area for parents/kids, uploading them onto my website and writing articles. I make money by selling advertising space to businesses ( a bit like monetising a blog I suppose). I’ve just started so am still finding my feet, but am really enjoying it so far.

Again, everything comes down to time. What with my business, my new job, my blog, and looking after Molly full time while keeping the house going, there isn’t much time for anything else! I can’t tell you the last time I actually sat and watched a tv show or had a proper conversation with John (we’re both too tired to speak anyway!), but luckily Molly will be going to nursery soon as she qualifies for her free 15 hours of childcare – I have big plans for those 2 days!

My main goal is to continue to be able to work from home as there isn’t another job that offers that kind of flexibility. I will strive to make a success of my business and with Families, and if I can eventually monetise my blog, then happy days! I know all this hard work will pay off in the end.

You can find more from Kerry here!





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The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Date Night

The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Date Night

Do you love date nights? Whether we’re talking over 50s dating in Nottingham or a venture onto the Clwyd dating scene, heading out for a date with your beloved is heaps of fun. When date nights come around there are so many ways to make it special for yourself and for your other half. With that in mind, here’s my ultimate guide to the perfect date night!

Get a babysitter –

If you have kids the first thing to think about is a babysitter. Whether you choose grandparents or friends, asking someone you trust to look after your children will put your mind at ease whilst you’re on your date. There’s nothing worse than heading out and spending the whole time worrying if the kids are OK.

Dress for the occasion –

This depends entirely on what you have in store! Maybe you’re up north and visiting the popular Glasgow dating site, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Or maybe you’re in Peterborough dating and are visiting the areas best restaurants and cocktails bars. Whatever you have planned, think about what you need to wear and go to town on your outfit. There’s nothing worse than rocking up in the wrong attire, especially when so much planning has gone into your date!

Try something new –

Dating doesn’t just have to include going out for a meal or going to the cinema. There are hundreds of fun and exciting things you can do to make your date a little different. Make you’re date extravagant by attending events such as the Pride & Prejudice Regency Ball, at the popular Derbyshire dating site, Chatsworth House. Or if you’re the more outdoorsy type you could head to your local Go Ape centre and try your luck in the treetops. Trying something new can take the monotony out of dating. Mix it up a little, you won’t regret it!

Make memories –

Where ever you go and whatever you do, don’t forget to take your camera. Making memories is great fun and being able to look back on these times in years to come is wonderful. Remembering to take photographs is even more important if you’re trying something new, you’re definitely going to want to look back and share these memories in the future!


Photo Credit


*This is a collaborative post.

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Five Romantic Places you Need to Visit in the South

Five Romantic Places you Need to Visit in the South

The south of Britain is home to an array of beautiful places you need to visit. Whether you’re a southerner born and bred or you’re visiting on holiday, you’re time spent there wouldn’t be complete without taking in the romance, culture and excitement it has to offer. From castles oozing history, to quaint tea rooms offering rest bite to perfection. A visit to the country’s southern counties won’t leave you disappointed.  Here are my top five romantic places you need to visit in the south:

1 – The Birmingham Jewellery Quarter –

OK, so it might just be the ladies among us that find this place romantic but it’s definitely worth a visit. This place is the perfect the for over 50s dating Birmingham scene, you know when you’ve actually got the money to spend on jewellery! More sparkle than you know what to do with and a whole host of fancy restaurants to go with it!

2 – Cardiff Castle –

Over 50s dating Cardiff couldn’t be more romantic with a visit to Cardiff castle! With history around every corner and the idyllic tales of times gone by, it’s the perfect place to escape from the outside world. There’s the chance to enter the castle to take in the history and see the beauty of architecture, afterwards in the grounds you’ll be amazed by the presence of the castle as it stands in its grounds.

3 – Colchester Zoo –

This is the perfect Essex dating site for the younger generation. A wander around the zoo, accompanied by a romantic picnic and the humorous escapades of its residents! If you don’t fancy a picnic, you can visit the onsite eatery to indulge in some of their best dishes. Either way, you won’t leave disappointed!

4 – Langley Park, Buckinghamshire –

What could be more romantic than a stroll through the popular Buckinghamshire dating site, Langley Park? Taking in the scenery and watching the world go by is the ideal break from everyday life. The park even has its own cafe so you can take the weight off and enjoy a coffee in tranquil surroundings.

5 – Cream’s Cafe, Woking –

If you love ice cream and are in Woking dating, this is the place for you. Cream’s cafe offers an array of absolutely delicious deserts. From luxurious sundaes to fancy coffees adorned with ice cream, this place will definitely give you a date to remember!

Photo Credit


*This is a collaborative post.

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The Truth about Dating your Husband

The Truth about Dating your Husband

Dating your husband can be a tricky task, especially when you add children to the mix. But dating is essential to for couples to spend some quality time together, to regroup and feel back in touch with each other. However, dating your husband is not dating as we know it, it’s more adult dating that would make our younger selves look on and sneer. It doesn’t have to be all bad though, here’s the truth about dating your husband!

Date night is a break from the kids –

If it’s been months since you’ve been out, never mind out together. If you love your kids with all of your heart, but truth be told they sometimes drive you up the wall and after weeks of nursery rhymes and repetitive questions you really do need some adult company. Then there you have a recipe for the date night/break night! Wherever you are in the world though, whether your County Down dating or Exeter dating, the common rule of thumb is that you’ll spend the whole time talking about the kids. Isn’t it ironic!

You won’t be able to make it past 9pm –

Dating is fun, especially if you don’t do it as often as you used to. But even so, when it’s with your husband late nights out on the town are often exchanged for nice meals followed by a few cocktails. Let’s face it, once the clock strikes nine all you’re thinking about is sleep and how early the kids will be awake. I hear the Maidstone dating scene is excellent for scrummy food and cocktails and the same can be said for the Bournemouth dating scene,  so if you’re based in these areas of the country this could be the perfect night for you!

They’re the most fun and comfortable dates you’ll ever have –

Even if you’ve only gone out to have a break from the kids, even if you still end up spending the whole night talking about them and even if your back in the house by 9pm. The truth about dating your husband is that they are the most fun and comfortable dates you’ll ever have. There’s no worrying about what you look like, or if that your silences will be awkward. All you have to do is relax and enjoy each others company!


Photo Credit

*This is a collaborative post.

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Date Night Ideas on a Budget

Date Night Ideas on a Budget

Date nights with your other half can be so much fun, especially when you have a family and they are far less frequent than they used to be. Often we worry about the expense of date nights, a nice meal and cocktails often pushing the limit when you have a family to look after. Where ever you are in the country though, whether you’re near Berkshire dating site attractions or the Fife dating scene, you can do date night on a budget and make it one to remember!

Here are my top five date night ideas when you’re on a budget:

Cook a special dinner at home:

Once the kids are in bed, pour yourselves a glass of wine and cook your favourite meal. There’s nothing better than eating your favourite foods whilst having a good catch up. All too often we lose track of ourselves in the rush of everyday life. Take some time out to find out what your other half has been up to!

Go for a walk in the countryside:

Heading out into the countryside, enjoying the scenery and getting some fresh air is the perfect date night when you’re on a budget. Especially when you live in scenic areas, taking in nature can be incredibly relaxing. If you live in the south, there are popular Gloucester dating site areas that are marvellously  green and well worth a visit!

Play board games:

The chances are the only time you play board games is over the Christmas period. If this is the case, break with tradition and get your games out. Board games are great fun and they offer a perfect break from the old routine.  Monopoly is a firm favourite in our house, choose your favourite and let the battle commence!

Go geocaching:

Geocaching is a super cheap date night idea. All you need is to do is download the app and get searching! Geocaching is available all over the UK, so whether you’re looking for a Bedfordshire dating site, an Isle of Man dating site or even a Dorset dating site, working together to find your local geocaches will provide you with hours of fun!

Have a movie night:

This is an excellent way to do date night on a budget! Find a selection of your favourite films. get some scrumptious goodies to snack on, sit back, relax and enjoy!


Photo Credit

*This is a collaborative post.


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#MumisBest Guest Post – Ali from Instant Mum of Two

#MumisBest Guest Post – Ali from Instant Mum of Two

Welcome to another instalment of my new guest series #MumisBest!  #MumisBest is all about the ever-growing SAHM/working mum debate.  I really want this series to highlight that there’s no right or wrong way, but whatever works for you and you family.  If you’d like to take part do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!  For now I will leave you in the hands of Ali from Instant Mum of Two!

On June 2nd 2016 I left work feeling sad and happy in equal measures. Work has and will always be my first baby.

I have worked in the Early Years sector for 15 years. I’ve been a nursery nurse, a deputy manager and in my current role as a manager for 6 years. 

I love my job. I love early years. I work with great people. 

But I was leaving to be something else I’ve always longed to be. A Mum. 

As we met the children and they moved in and we began our lives as a family, I thought about work a lot less than I thought I would. 

And as we grew together as a family I was so happy that everything was going so well, but alongside that happiness was a feeling of loneliness.

But why was I feeling lonely, I had plenty of support from family and friends and lots of people to chat through things with about the children. 

So maybe that was it. Children are amazing but let’s face it they are all consuming, your time and your thought process pretty much revolves around them. 

So even though I was talking to people I was always talking about the kids because they were pretty much part of every moment I was awake! 

So I missed me, and that was pretty much work me! Because I then realised that work was pretty much my social life (geez that sounds sad!!) but having relocated for work many of my local friends are through work and I believe that as a manager you have to be a part of the team and value each and every member of that team.

So a large part of my day was spent interacting with the team and chatting through ideas and challenges.

I missed that type of conversation. Conversation that wasn’t always loosely based on either; poo, snacks or Paw Patrol. 

I’m pretty good at once I realise something getting over it and adjusting and I also realised that I would never get this time back

with the children. So frankly I got over myself and focussed on the children. 

We’ve had an amazing 10 months. We have made unbreakable bonds, we have laughed, cried tears of joy and sadness. We’ve been on adventures. We’ve visited family and friends and they have stayed with us.

We have made so many memories that I will treasure for ever.

And I have this gut sadness, every time we do something during the day, or when I drop my son off at school that I’m going to be missing these things, these everyday beautiful things that yes can be bloody stressful but they are also the nuts and bolts of family life and I’m going to miss a lot of them.

Blinking heck I’m a contradiction! But isn’t parenting?

So do I want to go back to work? It’s not a simple answer. I have to go back to work for financial reasons but yes I do also want to go back. 

When I asked my friends how they felt about returning to work they all pretty much said the same. That the first few days are tough but you do get used to it and that you have to think about why you are working, to give the children the life you want them to have.

I’m lucky I get great holiday so I will be able to still spend a lot of time with them.

I feel guilty though, so guilty. Is that purely a Mum thing or is it the constant pressure to be this perfect Mum? 

I’m not perfect far far from it. I shout on occasions, I drink a bit too much vodka and I sometimes eat my feelings (fizzy Coca Cola bottles and cadburys fruit and nut are my thing). But I am a good Mum. I love them more than I ever thought was possible but I also want some time to be me. 

And that’s ok, it’s ok to be you, you know the you you were before you became Mum. It’s ok to look forward to peeing on your own without any interruption, or having a meal in one sitting, or having conversations other than ones about the children. 

I’m going to miss them though, as I write that I can actually feel a pain in my chest. But we will all adjust and hopefully it will make the time we do spend together even more special. 


Mum to Big Pig and Piglet. I’ve not always been their Mum but we tell each other that we grew in each other’s hearts. They are my chaos and my calm. I blog about parenting first and foremost. The highs and lows and the in betweens. I’m so happy that we are a “normal” family whatever that is. But as we travel along on our adoption journey I’m consistently finding out that we share the same joy and struggles as other families, however they came to be. 

You can see more from Ali here!









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How I Made Blogging my Full Time Job

How I Made Blogging my Full Time Job

When I started this blog back in 2016 I had no idea where it would take me.  Now over a year on, it’s evolved into my dream job.  Having thought that I wanted to be a SAHM and having had a rude awakening when this materialised, I knew I needed to work in one way or another.

Returning to my old job proved fruitless. I had lost all love for it, which made me realise that my passion is for blogging and it hit me just how much I wanted to make it work.  Now I don’t profess to be the font of all knowledge when it comes to blogging, that’s impossible.  The world of blogging is so vast, that even the seasoned bloggers among us are still learning as they go along.  That’s OK though, I believe that evolution is key to making your mark on this ever changing online world.

I wish I could give you an instant formula for success, I mean if I had one I’d use it!  There are a few things I’ve learnt along the way though, that have helped me progress enough to call blogging by job.  These days I’m able to work from home, whilst taking care of our littles and for our family it’s a perfect set up.

So how did I do it?

Firstly I spent some time getting to know the community, I took part (and still do) in as many link parties as possible.  The blogging community is so kind and welcoming, it works on a ‘you scratch my back’ basis and you definitely get what you give.  Developing good relationships with other bloggers is also a great way to learn.  Everyone has to find their own way, but there’s nothing wrong with using help and advice posts from fellow bloggers to guide you!

Secondly, after I caught the blogging bug, I prepared myself to work for free for the foreseeable.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, you can’t expect brands to start emailing just because you’ve purchased a domain name.  Putting in the hours, days, weeks and even years will pay off.  I firmly believe that if you have a passion for writing and do so because you want to, good things will come your way.  Trying to make money from the outset seems unrealistic, if you love what you do it’s half the battle.

Thirdly, after some time I began to develop good relationships with brands.  I’m always polite and go out of my way to offer them the best service I can.  I keep all of the brands I work with in the loop, making sure they don’t have to chase me for updates, live URLs and anything else they may need from me.  You never know where opportunities may lead, therefore being professional and efficient is a must.

Lastly, I made Social Oomph my best friend. Blogging often means having numerous social media platforms running simultaneously with each other.  As much a social media is essential, scheduling posts can be incredibly time consuming.  Social Oomph does a lot of the work for me, meaning that the time once spent scheduling content is now spent writing more of the stuff!


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SENSSE Hot & Cool Facial Bar – Review & Giveaway

SENSSE Hot & Cool Facial Bar – Review & Giveaway

As a working mother, finding time for myself to relax and recuperate isn’t always easy. If I’m not running around after the kids, I’m sat at my desk or acting the domestic goddess around the house. Looking after ourselves is really important though, so this week when I was offered the chance to try out the SENSSE Hot & Cool Facial Bar, I prepared myself for some serious me time!


What does it do?

The SENSSE Facial Bar has two temperatures, 6 degrees and 42 degrees. Amazingly it’s able to switch between the two within 6 seconds, making it incredibly user friendly.

Hot – helps to increase blood circulation and relax our facial muscles. In turn this softens our skin, smooths out any lurking wrinkles and can activate cell regrowth.

Hot with vibrations – use this mode to help massage your moisturiser into your skin, the heat and vibrations can increase absorption levels.

Cool – helps make skin look bright by relaxing sore muscles in the face and reducing redness. Cool mode also helps to close pores, to lock in moisture.

Cool with vibrations – aids toning and firming of our skin, helping to reduce wrinkles.

Results –

First of all, the packaging on this product is very luxurious. It looks simple and elegant, I guarantee if you’re thinking of buying the SENSSE Bar as a gift, those receiving it will be super impressed!

I found this fabulous piece of kit incredibly relaxing. At the end of the day, when it’s finally time to sit down I often find myself with a tension headache. Using the SENSSE Bar banishes any pain almost immediately, it’s as if I can feel the tension melting away.

As a sufferer of dry skin, I also found that applying moisturiser alongside the hot mode with vibrations made a real difference to the appearance of my skin. The morning after using the product, my skin is far less flaky and so applying make up is a much easier task!

Since I’ve only been using this product for a week, I think it needs a little more time to tackle the crows feet that keep sneaking up on me! Nevertheless, my eyes have felt much brighter since the SENSSE Bar came into my life, feeling alert and awake is always welcome and I’m sure it makes me more productive in my work life.

Overall, I love this product. It offers relaxation as well as solutions to my beauty problems and in my eyes that makes it a worthy competitor in its field. It’s perfect for personal use or for giving as a gift to your loved ones, I’ve never felt more relaxed!


If you’d like the chance to win your very own SENSSE Hot & Cool Facial Bar, all you have to do is enter the giveaway using the form below. Please do check out the terms and conditions before entering…good luck!


Win A SENSSE Hot and Cool Ultrasonic Facial Bar #1

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