Choosing the Best Blinds for Your Bedroom


Choosing bedroom blinds can be tricky at the best of times, especially when you’ve got a million and one other tasks on the go. However, getting great quality blinds that suit your windows and your room will make all the difference to your quality of sleep and peace of mind – making all those other […]

March 7, 2018

Save Money Whilst Working From Home: Energy Efficiency


  Source     When your home is also your office your monthly bills become outgoings for your business, and to increase profit margins; it’s a good idea to try and keep your energy efficiency at a premium level. Even though you may think your home is at optimum efficiency, it’s a good idea to […]

January 8, 2018

Revving Up For A New Year ‘Spring’ Clean


With the gluttony of Christmas over with, many of us will be looking forward to a chocolate-free New Year to give our bodies a rest. The same applies to your home; it’s time to have a big clear-out so you can comfortably fit all your shiny new things from Christmas.   Being ruthless can seem […]

January 2, 2018

Feeling Festive with Prestige Flowers


This week, our house has been well and truly doused in festive spirit! With our girls becoming more aware of what Christmas entails, Hubs has taken it upon himself to make sure our home resembles Santa’s Grotto! With oodles of tinsel and reams of fairy lights, both girls have struggled to know where to look […]

December 4, 2017

Are your Tyres Road Worthy? It’s Time to #TestYourTreads!


How often do you check your tyres? Do you know what to look for when you do? In our house car safety is paramount. Even more so now that we have two little people in the car with us. That’s why this week we’re teaming up with TyrePlus, to highlight just how important tyre safety […]

November 20, 2017

Should You Stay Or Should You Go?

Home   There will always come a time when you think about leaving. It doesn’t always have to be so extreme, or even something that you decide on doing, but at some point or another in life you will consider moving house. It’s something that crosses everyone’s mind – some more than others. Maybe your […]

November 14, 2017

Home Improvements – Creating the Ideal Office and Home


Ever since we moved into our house over five years ago, we’ve struggled to decide whether or not it would be our forever home. In that time, we’ve gotten married, had 2 children and recently we finally decided that this place is where we’re meant to be. So over the past few months we’ve taken […]

November 12, 2017

PlantPal – Review & Giveaway


I’ve always thought that having plants around our house makes it feel much more homely. They give our place a colourful boost, adding a little life to each of the rooms. The trouble with plants and I though, is that more often than not I forget to water them. Either that or I over water […]

November 7, 2017

Child-Friendly Lawn Care and Garden Tips For Your Home


When it comes to thinking of things to do that are cheap and accessible with the children, playing and planting in the garden is a great choice. Even though we don’t have the biggest outdoor space in the world, it is enough for us to get some fresh air, teach the kids about nature and […]

October 17, 2017

Easy Staircase Makeovers for the Family Home


Usually, when it comes to decorating the family home, the stairs are not our first priority. After all, how often do we notice them – we go up, we come down, we repeat. It’s sometimes thought that decorating your stairs can be expensive, but actually, providing they are structurally sound, it doesn’t have to cost […]

October 11, 2017