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Bathroom Secrets – Making Time to Relax as a Busy, Working Mum!

Bathroom Secrets – Making Time to Relax as a Busy, Working Mum!

It’s common for my days as a working mum to pass in a complete blur. It’s rare for me to get any downtime at all during the day. Working from home without childcare certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted! Most of my time is spent alternating between entertaining our girls and getting as much work done as is humanly possible.

All work and no play, makes Zoe a very dull girl though. With breaks few and far between it’s too easy to start feeling a little burnt out. As I get zero time in normal hours, my go to place to relax after the kids have gone to bed, is the bathroom! For me, there’s no better way to unwind than sinking into a red-hot bath with a good read for company!

As this is often my favourite part of the day, I like to make it as luxurious as possible. I have my own luxury bathroom cabinets full of goodies, to make my bath-time the perfect spa-like experience!


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Time to relax –

Here’s how I turn our bathroom into a relaxing home spa!

  • The first thing I do is rid our bathroom of all of the kids toys, as taking a bath with a plastic pirate ship is far from relaxing! During the day there are toys out all over our house too, so when the littles are in the land of nod it’s nice to sit in a completely toy free space.
  • After looking at a bright laptop screen for most of the day then my smart phone screen in between, the next thing I do is dim the lights in the bathroom. Giving my eyes a rest feels so good, I even add a few candles to make the experience more relaxing.
  • The perfect bath wouldn’t be complete without using my favourite therapeutic bubble bath. I love to use relaxing scents such as jasmine and lavender, they’re so good for helping me to sleep too!
  • After spending some time letting the stresses of the day float away, I like to get myself wrapped up in a fluffy dressing gown and slippers. Bliss!


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All of this makes for the ideal end to each day. I find that I need this time to prepare myself for another day of work and parenting combined. We all need a good work-life balance to carry on performing at our best. So if you’re feeling like you need a little downtime, head off for a little home-spa – you deserve it!


How do you like to relax after a long day?


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*This is a collaborative post.


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Feeling Festive with Prestige Flowers

Feeling Festive with Prestige Flowers

This week, our house has been well and truly doused in festive spirit! With our girls becoming more aware of what Christmas entails, Hubs has taken it upon himself to make sure our home resembles Santa’s Grotto! With oodles of tinsel and reams of fairy lights, both girls have struggled to know where to look first.

As much as I love to see the kids faces light up when we get the decorations out, it’s also nice to keep an adult feel about the place. Too much tinsel can get a little glitzy for me! Luckily, this week were treated to a fabulous Christmas bouquet from Prestige Flowers. Flowers are a sure-fire way to put a smile of my face and they definitely offer our Christmas scene a bit of class, to counteract the sparkles!


A Christmas Bouquet –

Our bouquet was delivered really quickly, via the Royal Mail. Safely packaged in a branded box. I knew immediately what they were and was so excited to get them out. On opening the box I was surprised to see that not only was there a gorgeous bunch of flowers, but they also came with their own vase and a box of chocolates!



I love that these flowers are already arranged beautifully before they are packaged and are then held together with an elastic band. This is perfect for people like me, who unfortunately flower arranging doesn’t come naturally to! All I had to do was fill the vase, add the sachet of food attached and place the flowers in. Voila! Picture perfect flowers, with no need to spend ages creating the perfect look.

Our bouquet was made extra Christmassy with bronze stars and leaves added to the bunch. This makes them feel really festive, they certainly stand out from the simpler bunches of flowers that we usually have. As I work from home, I’ve put our flowers on my desk to brighten up the spot where I spend most of my time. It’s definitely nicer to sit with a fresh bunch of flowers, rather than just my laptop for company!



The Christmas bouquets from Prestige are the ideal gift for your loved ones, or even to give as a present to yourself. Our home has certainly been brightened up since their arrival and the chocolates were totally yummy too!



*This post was written in collaboration with Prestige Flowers.





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Let There Be Light – Creating Our Forever Home

Let There Be Light – Creating Our Forever Home


I’ve spoken quite a bit recently about revamping our house. After being here for a few years and finally deciding this is where we want to stay, it was time to put our own stamp on the place! Since we’ve already finished our living area and Hubs made me the perfect office space, it was time to tackle the bathroom. The trouble with our house is that it just doesn’t seem to let enough light in. So we decided a fresh lick of paint, in one of the darkest rooms in the house might brighten things up a little!

There’s nothing worse than trying to get ready in a dimly lit area. Not only does it put me at risk of applying far too much make-up, but it means Hubs has to be careful when he’s shaving too. We definitely don’t want any accidents! So, as well as painting we decided to replace our old spotlight bulbs with bright LEDs. It’s been so nice to get rid of that old-school warm glow and to replace it with more of a daylight feel. Daylight bulbs are a really great way to brighten the place up and they don’t break the bank!

Something missing –

As much as our bathroom felt so much better after a little decoration and fixing the lighting, we couldn’t help but feel like there was something missing. The whole room felt totally bare and clinical, it needed character! One thing we’ve always lacked in there is a good size mirror, for years we’ve made do with a small shaving mirror. With two more girls in the house though, Hubs and I knew this wouldn’t suffice for much longer!

After doing a little mirror research, we came across a great range at The beauty of these mirrors is that they have built-in LED bulbs, to add even more light to the room. With a few different styles to choose from, we were a little spoilt for choice. In the end we went for super looking, slim mirror with dot lights to add a touch of style!

All of a sudden, the darkest room in the house turned into the brightest. It’s so nice to get ready in there each morning. Hubs is happy that he no longer has to shave in a dark room, using a tiny mirror! The lights on the mirror are so handy when I’m putting on my make-up too. They give you a good idea of what you’re going to look like in the daylight, so there’ll be no more make-up mishaps for me!



*This post was written in collaboration with Lumino Bathrooms.

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Are your Tyres Road Worthy? It’s Time to #TestYourTreads!

Are your Tyres Road Worthy? It’s Time to #TestYourTreads!

How often do you check your tyres? Do you know what to look for when you do? In our house car safety is paramount. Even more so now that we have two little people in the car with us. That’s why this week we’re teaming up with TyrePlus, to highlight just how important tyre safety is and to share exactly what you should be looking for when it comes to road worthy tyres – it’s time to #TestYourTreads!


Photo Credit


Checking your tyres –

Having previously worked in a garage, my husband is very car savvy. He takes pride in looking after both of our cars, making sure that they’re safe for our girls to travel in them. After a recent check he found that the tread on my tyres was getting a little worn, so he took it straight to the garage for a set of shiny new wheels! It’s so important to check your tyres regularly, in case you’re a little unsure here are a few things you need to be looking for:

Correct tyre pressure –

If you don’t know what the correct tyre pressure is for your car you should find it in your manual, or by doing a quick google search of the make and model! If your tyres aren’t inflated correctly, the feel of your car can change dramatically. It has a direct effect on how well your car grips to the road, meaning under inflated tyres can put all of your passengers in unnecessary danger.

Did you know that under-inflated tyres can wear out quicker than if they were correctly inflated? Not having enough air in them can really effect how economically your car runs. Making sure they’re at the right pressure will not only increase the safety of your car, but it’ll save you money too!

Tyres looking tired –

As with most things in life, after a while things can begin to look a little tired. Everyday use takes its toll on your tyres and you might find that they get damaged along the way. If your tyres are looking a little worse for wear, it’s probably worth investing in a new set!

Tread depth –

Car tyres have tread on them to help them grip well when the road is wet. The minimum tread depth for cars in the UK is 1.6mm. This has to be consistent around the entire circumference of the tyre and across the middle three-quarters of breadth. If your tyres don’t have enough tread your car isn’t safe for use. Not only that, if your caught with tread below the minimum depth, you could be in for a hefty fine as well as points for each tyre that isn’t road worthy.


Photo Credit

Stay safe –

Heading out with tyres that don’t meet the right standards is a sure fire way to put yourself and others in danger. So if there’s only one thing you do today, make it heading outside to check your tyres!


TyrePlus have put together this fabulous infographic including vital information you need to know about tyre safety!



*This is a collaborative post.

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Home Improvements – Creating the Ideal Office and Home

Home Improvements – Creating the Ideal Office and Home

Ever since we moved into our house over five years ago, we’ve struggled to decide whether or not it would be our forever home. In that time, we’ve gotten married, had 2 children and recently we finally decided that this place is where we’re meant to be. So over the past few months we’ve taken the time to make a few changes to our humble abode, it was time to get our four walls working for us!


Our Home Improvements –

The thing about the property we live in, is that it doesn’t have a great deal of storage room. We didn’t really see this as a problem until we had children, but these days we struggle to find the space to store all of the kids toys. It’s also not been easy to find the space to store my work things. Working from home suits me, but it means that I’ve had the find an area to fit an office into our home!

Luckily for me I have a very handy husband and he’s been a busy little bee! He’s created the perfect office for me, with heaps of built-in storage for all of my bits and bobs. I now have a large desk, giving me the space to focus when I need to, he also added a few of my favourite accessories to give my work space character and to make it a happy place to sit when I’m putting in the hours!

Not only did we need this room to include an office space, but it also needs to function comfortably as a dining room. So Hubs found us the ideal round, extendable table that we can all sit around as a family and enjoy our meals. Then once dinner is over the table can be made more compact, so that we have plenty of space to use the rest of the room!


Photo Credit


Long Term Home Improvements –

As well as making these small yet effective changes to our home, there are also a few bigger plans that we have in the pipeline! One way to increase the amount of space that we have is to add a conservatory onto the side of our house. I’ve always loved the look of lantern roofs and I know it would make the perfect, bright play room for our girls! Not only would this extra room would provide some much needed space, it would also create the perfect reading room for when I finally get time to chill out! 

Even though our dining room is feeling better than ever before, I can’t help but think it would feel so much better if it had doors that opened up onto our garden. Spending hours at my desk would be made so much nicer during the Summer months if I could open up the room to enjoy the weather at the same time. Hubs and I decided to get a bifold door quote, as these really would make or home perfect for all of us!

Our house is set to be our dream home once all of these improvements have been made. I can’t wait sit back and relax in our perfect little palace!


What improvements would you like to make to your home?


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*This is a collaborative post.






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Gingersnap Colour Changing Light Box – Review

Gingersnap Colour Changing Light Box – Review

Recently Hubs and I have spent some time renovating our little palace. We’ve managed to regain a bit of the adult space that disappeared shortly after our first daughter was born. We’ve enjoyed relaxing in our new environment over the past few weeks, but we both felt that there was something missing. After having a big de-clutter, our living area felt bare and in need of a little life! So when I got the chance to review the Gingersnap colour changing light box, I couldn’t wait to spruce up our room with this super cool feature!

Before our light box arrived I spent some time looking over the Gingersnap website. Not only do they have light boxes, they also have vintage lighting and neon lamps, among so much more. I absolutely love the look of the vintage lamps, I’ll definitely be heading back to Gingersnap as we work our way through the other rooms in our house!

Light Box Love

I’ve always loved the look of light boxes and this one does not disappoint. When it arrived the girls and I had a great time sorting through the letter and emoji packs. The guys at Gingersnap also sent over an extra coloured letter pack, perfect for mixing and matching our messages. There are so many emoji’s to choose from and after much consideration, I found the social media icons most apt for this project!



The best thing about this Gingersnap light box is that, unlike some of the more standard options, it has a colour changing back light. You can choose from the traditional white light, or by clicking the button for a second time you can switch to an array of beautiful bright colours. Our eldest daughter has recently begun to learn her colours, so she’s had a total ball shouting out all of the different colours as they change!



Our new light box sits pride of place in our living area. I love spending time changing the messages, they’re a real conversation starter when we have company! If you’re after a super cool addition to your home then I can’t recommend this product enough, it’d make a really great gift for friends and family too!


Gingersnap would like to offer my readers the chance to win a light box of their own. All you have to do is enter using the form below…good luck!



Win a Gingersnap Light Box

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Scheduling my Day as a Work at Home Mum

Scheduling my Day as a Work at Home Mum

The idea of working from home is appealing to many.  Choosing your own hours, working around the kids and being an all round domestic goddess is a common goal. I wish it were that simple!

Working from home can be amazing. It does mean that I can choose my own hours, but having two young children in the house generally means those hours are closer to bed time than I’d like.  As for working around the kids, I try but more often than not it doesn’t work out.

Creating a schedule has been essential in my quest to perfect a decent work/life balance, that suits both the children and I.  It’s hard to stick to it religiously, we all know kids and they often like to throw a curve ball our way.  Having a plan to refer back to though, means that I hit the ground running when it’s time to work.

One thing that really helps me is that our girls nap at the same time.  It took a lot of graft to achieve, but now they sleep for around two hours after lunch. This gives me a block of time to fit in as much work in as I can.  I’m not sure how much longer the biggest will nap for, but it’s great whilst it lasts. I usually spend this time writing posts, reviews and freelance articles. Having a solid amount of time means that I can write undisturbed, making it my most productive time of the day.

The rest of my work is usually crammed into a couple of hours after the girls have settled for the night. If there’s chance for five or ten minutes in the day whilst the kids are occupied, I’ll always take the opportunity to get a little blogmin done. These are usually jobs that don’t take up much brain space, but are essential to keep things running smoothly.


A Day in the Life

7am – 12pm: The littles are awake, so this time is spent being an all round servant to them and the house.  If I get chance I’ll comment on blogs, do a bit of scheduling on my phone, engage on Instagram.  Everything that needs to be done, but that can be achieved with one eye still on the girls.

12pm – 2pm: Nap time. Write, write, write!

2pm – 7pm: Again, this time is spent with our girls. Heading out, crafting, swimming and the like.  If Hubs is home often I’ll get chance to fit an hour of work in, but on a normal day I do what I can, when I can workwise.

7pm – 10pm: Writing, editing, scheduling,

In between all of this find time to hit the gym, just to keep me sane!



Working from home with no childcare has its challenges, but it can also be incredibly rewarding once the right balance is achieved.  I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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Uncommon Goods Gift Guide: For Her

Uncommon Goods Gift Guide: For Her

This week I’ve partnered with Uncommon Goods to bring you a fabulous gift guide for the ladies in your life.  If like me, you don’t find gift buying easy but you also like to give quality gifts, Uncommon Goods provide inspiration and great products!

When I began perusing over the Uncommon Goods website I was amazed at the products they have on offer.  The quality and quirkiness of their wares really stands out. The website also gives an insight into the creator of each product, I love that each product means so much to its designer and that these items are not thrown off of a production line by the thousands!

Uncommon Goods also have a super cool Uncommon Knowledge blog, filled with allsorts of fascinating information you’ll love to read!


What’s so Great about Uncommon Goods?

All products from Uncommon Goods meet five specific standards regarding design and social responsibility.

  • All products are of original design.
  • All products are made using environmentally friendly materials.
  • The company is based on responsible business practices.
  • Packaging is resourceful.
  • Products are exclusive to Uncommon Goods.


For Her : Garden

I’m a huge fan of spending time outdoors and so when the Summer months appear I love to spruce up our outdoor space.

These pieces are the perfect gift for she who likes to relax in her tranquil outdoor space – when the kids are in bed that is!

I particularly love the family signpost, which can be personalised to your requirements!


Hummingbird Feature


Family Signpost


For Her: Decoration

As a blogger and a writer I work from a desk at home.  The trouble with sitting at a desk for long periods of time is that the space can become dull and boring.

When I came across these pieces I knew that I needed them to brighten up my workspace.  I absolutely love what I do, even more so with an inspirational area to work from!

Heart Sculpture


Flower Garden


For Her: Comfort

I absolutely adore this throw, as a Jane Austen lover it immediately caught my eye.  What better way to relax and unwind than wrapped in a classic!

This super cute pillow would bring a touch of artistic flare to any living space too!

Jane Austen Throw


Owl Pillow


*This is a collaborative post.

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