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Stay Stylish in Sportswear

Stay Stylish in Sportswear

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Just because you are wearing sportswear doesn’t mean that you can’t be stylish as well. But it also doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours and hours in front of a mirror making sure that you get your outfit just right. With this in mind, let’s look at a few simple ways in which you can make your sporty outfit that little bit more stylish by following a couple of easy life rules.

Zippered Warm Up Jackets

Zippered warm up jackets are perfect for wearing before and after working out, and they are obviously great while you are warming up as well. However, you don’t really want to coordinate this directly with your bottom half as it looks way too much like you are wearing a shell suit. If you want to wear this item when you are not actually going to be working out anytime soon, you could try coordinating it with a patterned t-shirt and some jeans.

Yoga Pants

One of the most talked-about fashion items of the last few years, yoga pants seem to be one of those ‘love ‘em or hate ‘em’ items. However, they are available in a wide range of colours and styles and there is no doubt that they are very comfortable. For a casual look, you could try combining them with a fitted wrap top and sneakers.


Once again, these are all about the comfort but that doesn’t mean that your sneakers can’t look great too. Try some brightly coloured ones for day to day wear. If you aren’t sure what to pair them up with, go for an on-trend dress, ideally in a shirt style or off-the-shoulder. You could even go a little more retro with some classic Adidas ones available from Instead of having to worry about your feet in heels, a good pair of sneakers will keep your feet feeling great all day long.

Neutral Makeup

If you are going off to the gym, you don’t want your makeup to be too heavy as this can quickly become very frustrating. Instead, go for something neutral that leaves your skin looking tanned and fresh with neutral or brownish tones. Added to this, you could go for some bright lip gloss to provide the finishing touches.

Branded T-shirts

It is funny how fashion changes to drastically over the years. It wasn’t all that long ago when you would never have been caught dead in a nt-shirt from a company like Nike or Adidas. But now, you can match one up with a smart blazer and you are good to go. However, if you are wearing sportswear in your daily life, you don’t want to overdo it.

Sportswear in fashion looks like it is something that is here to stay, and if you are planning to incorporate it into your regular outfits, you want to make sure that you get it right. You can use these five points as a starting point and then work from here.


*This is a collaborative post.

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How to Have a Great Workout at Home

How to Have a Great Workout at Home

Though getting in shape is a priority for many of us, finding the time to exercise on a regular basis can be difficult in today’s ultra-busy world. So, working out in your own home seems like an ideal solution as you don’t have to go through the effort and cost of joining a gym or health class. And just because you are working out at home, it doesn’t mean that you can’t vary up your exercises and achieve your fitness goals.


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Effective fitness programs tend to have five key stages: a warm up, an aerobic session, resistance exercises, flexibility moves and a cooldown. If you are incorporating these five stages into your home workout, you should find yourself on the fast-track to success. Here is some advice if you are looking to make working out from home a more regular thing.


Avoid Boredom by Challenging Yourself

As we have already talked about, one of the great enemies of a successful workout from home is boredom. Of course, you won’t have the same variety of equipment or access to classes that you get at a gym, but that doesn’t mean that your workout has to be ineffective. There are a few core pieces of equipment which are very versatile and allow you to take part in a variety of exercises. So, consider investing in a yoga mat, exercise ball and set of dumbbells as a starting point. Make sure to always browse through the internet and fitness magazines to find new ideas of workouts you can do to always keep things interesting.


Choose a Space to Workout

Whatever kind of space you are using to take part in your workouts, you want it to be as free from distractions as possible. Even if you just section off a corner of the room, you should let your family know that you don’t want to be disturbed while you are exercising. Some portable speakers are a great way to block out the outside world while also pumping out motivational music. If you can find a space with a full-length mirror, this is a major plus point as you can better examine your form and technique, while also helping to prevent yourself from suffering from any injuries.


Schedule Your Workouts


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The best fitness regimes are based around a rigid schedule. If you try to set aside some time for yourself on a regular basis to exercise, you are more likely to stick to this than if you simply choose to do it at any time. If something comes up and you need to change your exercise plan, make sure to reschedule this time rather than simply letting it pass you by. The great thing about working out from home is that you don’t have to factor in any travelling time so all the minutes you do have spare can be spent effectively.


Consider a Workout DVD or Online Class

The great thing about a workout DVD or online class is that everything is planned out for you so you don’t have to go through the effort of building a fitness program yourself. With so many different options out there, you can determine what your goals are and which program is best suited to helping you achieve them. As well as this, the workouts last for a specified amount of time so you can fit them easily around your daily life.


Build Your Own Home Gym

If you have plenty of space and a decent budget, you could even consider creating your very own home gym. If you have a self-contained space like a basement or a garage, this would be ideal. We have already talked about the more affordable pieces of equipment you could stock it with (dumbbells, exercise ball etc) but there are also plenty of ‘big-ticket’ items that you could consider investing in. A popular choice is a rowing machine as it provides a great all-round workout. If you are thinking of buying one, there is a website here that lists reviews and you should check it out. Another option is a treadmill if you are a big running enthusiast. Ultimately, it all depends on your budget and the amount of space you have, but there is no reason that you can’t build a decent home gym with some more basic items.


Write About Your Workouts


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Keeping a workout journal is a great way to chart your progress as well as tracking the effectiveness of different exercise regimes. If you have set yourself particular goals with regards to weight loss or any other area of fitness, you can monitor how you are getting along in your journal. Even if you have a bad day, it is still a good idea to write about this as you may be able to determine a pattern which you can break in the future. Also, you can keep track of your diet to better find out what impact this is having on your workouts.


Build Working Out into Your Regular Routine

One of the most difficult parts of staying fit and healthy is building exercise into your regular routine. Many people exercise for short bursts of time before letting things slide and going back to their old ways. The key is to make exercise as integral a part of your life as sleeping or eating. A good time to workout every day is just after your wake up. Your motivation levels will tend to drop as the day goes on and you are more likely to lose your focus and slip back into your old habits.


Work Out with Someone Else

A workout buddy will significantly help to raise your level of motivation, so whether you choose your partner or a friend, strength in numbers is certainly a phrase that applies in this case. Ideally, your workout buddy will be someone who is a little bit above you in terms of ability so you will naturally be pushed to try that little bit harder.


*This is a collaborative post.

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Five Reasons You Should Exercise More

Five Reasons You Should Exercise More

I’ve always loved exercise, fitness and I are no stranger.  I’ve spent most of the past year working out at home, but with the Littlest turning one this month I’ve been feeling like it’s time to get back into keeping myself fit and healthy with a passion!

After re-joining my pre-baby gym, I spent a few days finding my feet with the equipment.  I then had a program drawn up by one of the trainers.  Having always trained by myself, this was a real eye-opener for me.  My trainer put me through my paces for around an hour, reintroducing me to the world I know and love!

Even though I have continued to exercise, doing it in the gym feels different.  The environment makes me work harder and the latest equipment makes working out much easier than you’d think.  So in light of my reignited passion for working out, here are five reasons why you should get more exercise:

Exercise boosts your energy levels.

When you first start exercising it can seem completely knackering.  Stick with it though, because once you start to become a little fitter your energy levels will increase.  You’ll eventually want to work out even more.   I for one always feel more lethargic if I haven’t been active enough during the day.  Even if it’s just a walk around the block, I guarantee it’ll make you feel alive!

Exercise reduces blood pressure.

This can only be a good thing, right?  In this day and age our lives can be so stressful.  Juggling work, children and everything else in between can see our blood pressure rising.  Taking a little time out to exercise can help to reduce stress and bring blood pressure back down to where it should be.

Exercise can improve your mood.

Depression and anxiety can be difficult to over come.  A lot of the time exercise will be the last thing you feel like doing.  However, if you can find it in yourself to push towards doing even a little, it often helps to lift your mood.  As an anxiety sufferer, I can vouch for the benefits that exercise has had on my mental health.  I find working out gives me the focus I need to distract myself from anxious thoughts and feelings.

Exercise can help you get better sleep.

This ties in well with the improvement of mood through exercise.  Not only are we wearing ourselves out a little more than usual, but our minds and bodies will feel more rested.  No more going to bed with an overactive brain, imagine the benefits you’ll reap from a good nights sleep!

Exercise can be fun!

Not all exercise is hard or boring.  There are so many different things you can do: classes, swimming, walking, running and many more.  You may have to try a few different activities to find what you like most, but wouldn’t it be great if you were exercising and having fun at the same time?


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Why you Should get your Child into Sports

Why you Should get your Child into Sports

It’s a sad fact that a lot of us are spending most our time sitting in front of the television or on our gadgets. In fact kids are getting less exercise now than ever before, as they skip teams and sport groups in favour of playing indoors on tech devices instead.  We need to try to encourage them to take part in these sports.  Here’s why you should be signing them up today!

It ensures they have plenty of exercise.

Exercise is so important to ensure you stay in good health.  It gets the blood pumping around the body and helps your ticker to stay in good form. Without exercise, it can be hard to maintain a healthy weight, but despite how important exercise is as it says on, our kids are not getting enough.  This means they are more likely to get unhealthy.  Talk to your children about potential sports they might like to try. It might be a group like a football or netball team. Whichever one they go for, it’s bound to get them exercising at least once a week.   Encouraging them to practice at home can ensure they get plenty of exercise too.

It can boost their behaviour.

A lot of parents struggle when it comes to their kid’s behaviour.   They can easily act out and have tantrums.  Often we  feel at the end of our tether when they don’t listen.  A lot of parents recommend sending children to join some form of sports group or team, as it can often teach them discipline when they are having to listen to the instructor.  Having something to work towards can also help turn bad behaviour around. You can even get them to take part in activities at home, making it feel like they are part of a real team by getting trophies from sites like to give to your child.   Offering a reward can spur them on, encouraging them to try hard when it comes to sports.

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It can help their teamwork and communication skills.

It’s always good to try to improve your child’s teamwork skills.   It can assist them when it’s time to work in groups at school, but it can be hard to do this at home especially if they are an only child.  They will have to work with other kids to try to achieve goals. Also, if they take part in matches, they will learn how to work in a team to win the game!   Sending them to a group can help to grow their communication skills too.  They will have to communicate with team members and the instructor to ensure they get the most out of the sport.


As it says on, sports are also essential to build your child’s confidence!


*This is a collaborative post.

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