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Curious Kids Children’s Sweatshirt – Review

Curious Kids Children’s Sweatshirt – Review

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Curious Kids, asking if we’d like to review their funky sweatshirt. I would usually be the one to decide what we review on The Tale of Mummyhood. However, seeing as our eldest takes more and more interest in what I do, I thought I’d ask her if she’d like to take the review. As you can imagine, she jumped at the chance!

When the package arrived for my little apprentice, she was super excited to get to work. We took a photographs of the beautifully wrapped sweatshirt together, truthfully all she wanted to do was model it! From a parents point of view though, I was  really impressed with how much love was given to making our delivery look good. These sweatshirts are perfect to buy as gifts as they arrive wrapped and ready to go.




Our Little Fashionista

At just over two years old our daughter is still quite slight in frame, so when I buy girls coats and jackets I usually go size 18-24 months,  just to be on the safe side. I’m glad we did as it fits perfectly! The material feels soft and warm too, so it’s perfect for keeping the biggest warm and toasty on those blustery days. If you follow the washing advice that comes with the shirt, it keeps it shape and print really well. I make sure that I wash the sweatshirt on a low heat and I avoid throwing it in the tumble dryer with the rest of the washing!

Curious Kids clothing is a total hit with me. It looks cool, keeps well and is different from the standard jumpers on the market. The real question though is what did my little apprentice think? Well, it’s safe to say she loves her new sweatshirt. It’s a firm favourite of hers that goes with us every where we go!




*This is a collaborative post. 

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Our Adventures with the Toddlebike2!

Our Adventures with the Toddlebike2!

As as family, we love to spend time outdoors. We enjoy nothing more than heading out into the fresh air, to get a little exercise. Now that our youngest is on her feet though, we’ve found that we do less walking as she gets tired so quickly. She doesn’t like being confined to the pushchair either, so we needed to find something that suits all of us. Luckily our saviour and founder of the Toddlebike2 Jo Hockley, got in touch to see if we’d like to try out her fabulous creation!

The Toddlebike2 is a kind of ‘pre-balance’ bike, best suited for children around eighteen months or who are stable on their feet. Founder Jo discovered the first generation Toddlebike when she was holidaying with her family in Belgium. Her young son had a great time on this version of the Toddlebike!  On returning home Jo negotiated the rights with the manufacturer and so the Toddlebike2 we know today was produced.



Cycling Fun with the Toddlebike2


Prior to our Toddlebikes arriving, I wondered how well our littlest would get on. She’d never used this type of bike before, so I thought it would take a little getting used to. I was reassured by Jo that even if she didn’t take to it immediately, she would find her own way with it and eventually love it. This was absolutely true! For the first couple of weeks, the littlest walked around with her bike, she then progressed to sitting on the crossbar. Now she rides her Toddlebike like she’s been doing it forever!



The Toddlebike is really lightweight so it’easy for both girls to push and pull around, when they aren’t racing each other up and down the room! This makes it great for taking out too, if the girls decide they want to walk for a while, it’s no trouble to carry the bike for them as there’s no weight to it at all. Even though it’s so light, it’s still a solid piece of kit that will stand the test of time. Ours have had so much use over the last few weeks and they still look like new, even after being outside!



One of the things I love most about the Toddlebike2 is the confidence it’s given our littlest whilst learning to walk. She hasn’t been on her feet long, but after using her bike she has improved so much as she’s constantly on her feet pushing or riding her bike around!   Our eldest daughter who is a little over two, took to her Toddlebike immediately. She loves taking her bike outdoors and racing against her sister!



Overall, the Toddlebike2 has been a huge success in our house. They may seem simple, but these bikes really are a game changer when it comes to heading out with kids. At £23.95 they aren’t expensive and you certainly get your money’s worth! They come with us everywhere we go, we’ve come to realise that you never know when a Toddlebike2 will come in handy!


Do you love the Toddlebike2? Then don’t miss out on 10% discount using the code BLOG17 at the Toddlebike shop!



*We were sent two Toddlebikes for the purpose of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are own.




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Getting Nursery Ready with Petit-Fernand – Review

Getting Nursery Ready with Petit-Fernand – Review

This week has been bitter-sweet for us. We’ve been visiting the schools and nurseries in our local area, in an attempt to find the perfect environment for our girls to be educated in. It’s bitter because as a mother, I don’t think I’ll ever be fully ready to let our girls out into the big wide world. It’s sweet because I’m so excited for them to experience the next stage of their lives!

There’s so much to think about when choosing the right school. Hubs and I have exhausted every option, finally finding what we feel is the perfect place. Now it’s time to get ourselves nursery ready! There’s uniform to buy, as well as everything else they’ll need to get them through the day. So this week I’ve teamed up with Petit-Fernand, to bring you a selection of their personalised labels, lunch boxes and water bottles. Perfect for making sure our girls start their nursery days right!

I’m sure all parents of school age children know, that personalising property that will be used at school is a good idea. There’s every opportunity for items to get mixed up, lost and left behind. Having unique products without children’s names on them can save a whole lot of bother!


Unique & Personalised


The great thing about Petit-Fernand is that you can personalise their products ’til your heart’s content. You can even get the kids involved! From colours, designs, fonts and text, you can make each product completely unique. When my eldest daughter starts nursery she’ll be staying for lunch with her friends, so I thought their customised lunch boxes were a great place to start!

We had lots of fun creating different designs for each of our girls, opting for a cute woodland theme for one and a pretty unicorn theme for the other. I added their names using a funky font, in a colour that complemented each design. We then went on to design our girls an isothermal water bottle each, matching their lunch boxes in pattern and colour. There’s also the option to choose cute lunch box bags, making it the perfect set!



As well as the lunch box sets, Petit-Fernand also offer personalised stickers for objects and school supplies. These are a great idea for all of the extra bits and bobs that our girls will need to take with them! These too can be personalised with colours, images and fonts. I ordered a two sets of stickers, including an image of our girls favourite animal on each!



Quality Products & Excellent Service


On ordering our products I had a confirmation email almost immediately, which also stated that our items would be dispatched within 48 hours. They were absolutely spot on and everything arrived in super quick time! I was immediately impressed with the look of each of the items I ordered, the designs on each look amazing – our girls adore them!



The quality of each product really stands out. The lunch boxes have clips around the edge to keep them secure, as well as a built-in ice pack and compartments for different foods. The water bottles are very impressive too. They’re able to keep things cool or warm, which isn’t something you get with your everyday water bottles. The labels arrived packed in a compact booklet, ideal for keeping them neat and tidy and ready for use. They’re pretty and colourful, I’m certain our girls nursery kits will be easily recognisable!



Overall, I’m super impressed with each and every item we received from Petit-Fernand. I highly recommend their products and their customer service. As our girls go through school, we’ll definitely be back!


The guys over at Petit-Fernand would like to offer my readers the chance win a lunch box and bag, all you have to do is enter using the form below. Please do take a peek at the terms and conditions…good luck!


Petit-Fernand Lunch Box and Lunch Bag Giveaway

*We were gifted items from Petit-Fernand for the purpose of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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My First Scalextric – Review

My First Scalextric – Review

This week Hubs has been on annual leave, so we grabbed the opportunity to take our little family on a well deserved break! Holidays have become so special since we had children and we love to fill them with memories that they’ll cherish. It’s become something of a tradition to treat our girls to a new toy when we go away, a fun gift to keep them entertained when we have a little down time. This year our girls have been lucky, as they were asked to try out My First Scalextric. It’s been the perfect addition to our break!



Our eldest daughter has loved playing with cars since she was really small, so Hubs and I knew that My First Scalextric would be a hit. She was so excited when he began to build the track and couldn’t wait to race against him! The track was really easy to assemble, creating a figure of eight with a raised section in the middle. The quality of the product feels great and the vibrant colours make it extra eye-catching and fun!




With both Hubs and I having a Scalextric set when we were younger, we revelled in our girls being able to play a game that we both loved as children! We had so much fun creating teams and racing against each other each evening. Our eldest daughter couldn’t contain her excitement each time we took our places at the start line, in fact the smiles on both of their faces were an absolute picture!



My First Scalextric has been a fabulous addition to our holiday. Spending all day on the beach, then heading in doors to their new Scalextric proved to be the perfect recipe for a very happy family. My first Scalextric definitely lives up the Scalextric name that we all know and love. It’s incredibly simple for the little ones to use, whilst being heaps of fun along the way!



For your chance to win your very own My First Scalextric, all you have to do is enter using the form below. Please do take a peek at the terms and conditions…good luck!


My First Scalextric Giveaway #MyFirstScalextric


*We were gifted a My First Scalextric set for the purpose of this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Little Ragamuffin Children’s Interiors Review

Little Ragamuffin Children’s Interiors Review

Over the past few weeks my husband has been working hard decorating our little palace. We’ve managed to regain a bit more of an adult feel around the house, for the first time since it was engulfed in pink when our eldest daughter was born! In light of our newly revamped living area, we thought it would be a good idea to kit both our girls’ rooms out to their taste too. That way we each have our own unique space, all within the same four walls!

So, this week I’ve teamed up with Little Ragamuffin Children’s Interiors to make our girls rooms super special. Little Ragamuffin was founded in 2012, by two working mums who wanted to bring a little magic to the lives of our littles. They stock so many beautiful items such as bean bags, cushions, bookends, lighting and so much more. They even gift wrap the items you purchase, which is the perfect touch especially if you’re buying for special occasions!

I spent a great deal of time perusing the Little Ragamuffin website, I wanted to buy everything I clicked on! In the end I decided that the bed canopies were to die for, I chose two pink canopies that are scattered with pretty, colourful flowers. Up until now our girls’ room have been quite basic, so I couldn’t wait to get the canopies up to give their space the life and colour it’s been waiting for!



When our canopies arrived, I loved them immediately. Both girls were so excited and we couldn’t wait to see the final effect. A little hook is supplied, so they were no bother to secure and were up in no time at all. The canopies hang beautifully and give each room that extra special touch! There’s so much net on the canopies that they create a picture perfect, fairytale drop. We couldn’t be more pleased with how much they’ve transformed their rooms, making each one fit for a Princess no less!


The ladies at Little Ragamuffin would like to give my readers the chance to win their own flower canopy, all you have to do is enter using the form below. Please do take a peek at the terms and conditions…good luck!



 Little Ragamuffin Bed Canopy Giveaway


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#BabyLove My Toddler Life – Children’s Book Review

#BabyLove My Toddler Life – Children’s Book Review

We love reading over here at The Tale of Mummyhood HQ. We have a library to rival the the best of them, so when we get the chance to review the latest children’s books we jump at the chance!  This week we were sent #BabyLove My Toddler Life, written and illustrated by Corine Dehghanpisheh, not only was it fun to read to our girls but it also sends an important message to us adults!

Corine Dehghanpishe is a award winning author and My Toddler Life is the second book in her #BabyLove series, after the first instalment My Social Life. My Toddler Life is based on a little boy who finds his mums phone and goes ahead and uses it without her say so. We’ve all been there right?  However when she explains quality time is for playing and having fun, not for using smartphones, it really hits home how much time we spend on our devices and how much we miss because of it!


Author & Illustrator Corine Dehghanpishe


Corine has illustrated the book beautifully. It’s bright and colourful, which is perfect for keeping the littles interested and wanting to find out more! I personally love that the book is so current, in that it’s based around our love for the hashtag and our technology. I also love that it relays the subtle message that even though we all use our tablets and phones, sometimes we just need to put them down and live in the present moment!


If you’d like the chance to win your own copy of #BabyLove My Toddler Life, all you have to do is enter our giveaway using the form below, please do take a peek at the terms and conditions…good luck!



#BabyLove My Toddler Life Children’s Book Giveaway

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Camping with Kids: A How to Guide

Camping with Kids: A How to Guide

Since having children our holidays have changed dramatically. Long gone are the luxury hotels, city breaks and spa’s.  Welcomed are the outdoors, camping and four pairs of wellies! Now don’t get me wrong, I love camping. It’s the perfect holiday for our girls to get to know the outdoors and to explore. So this week I’ve partnered with Halfords, to bring you The Tale of Mummyhood guide to camping with littles!

Now I must admit, as a family we ‘re generally fair weather campers.  You won’t catch us  crashing in a tent mid-Winter. Having said that, there’s just something about being so close to nature, leaving the hustle and bustle of every day life behind and enjoying quality time as a family.  Our most recent trip saw us in the north of England.  It was the first time our girls had been on the beach, paddled in the sea and ate fish and chips from the paper!


Whilst camping with the littles can be great fun, it can also be a real challenge. Staying in the great outdoors means that a lot of luxuries are left behind, being prepared is key to making your trip a success. With our holiday fresh in my mind I thought I’d share with you a few little life hacks, to make camping with children as easy as possible!

Find a site with the facilities you need –

We all know that camping is about getting back to basics, but sometimes we need a few little niceties to make our lives easier.  Not all sites have showers and toilets for example, so it’s always good to do your research before you book.

Write a list in advance –

My husband is a huge lover lists, he even has an app to keep them in order!  I must admit though, a list can be a game changer when holidaying with kids.  There’s so much you have to remember, from clothes to sterilisers and sleeping bags to toys. The last thing you need is to arrive at your destination, only to have to head back out for things you may have forgotten.  Save yourself, write a list and tick things off as you pack!

Have a tent test run –

Picture this: it’s late, you’ve been on the road for hours, the kids are hungry and tired and you still have to wrestle to get your accommodation up before night falls.  Sound like a nightmare?  In that case, a tent test run could be your saviour. Having a system in place means that you’ll be settled and enjoying your holiday in no time, rather than asking your fellow campers for an extra pair of hands!

Pack for every eventuality  –

Even if it’s given sunshine all week, pack for all weathers.  British weather is notorious for changing and there’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable whilst you’re trying to enjoy yourself.

Take in-car chargers for your devices –

Now I know we shouldn’t need devices in the great outdoors, but the fact is sometimes we just need to be connected.  Whether it be your mobile or the kids tablets, running out of juice is no fun!

Make sure you take enough entertainment for the kids –

Whether they like to ride their bike, play football, or play with their favourite toys. Make sure you have enough choice to keep them entertained. It’s nice for adults to have a little down time on holiday and making sure the kids are occupied may just give you five minutes peace.

Take a parasol –

Often tents are pitched in open space and if you are lucky enough to see the sunshine it can become too much for children.  Taking a parasol means that they can still enjoy playing outside, whilst staying safe from the sun’s rays.

Photo Credit

Here’s hoping that these tips and tricks make your holiday even better, organisation definitely makes for happy campers!

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Kite & Cosmic Children’s Clothes in Association with I CAN! Charity

Kite & Cosmic Children’s Clothes in Association with I CAN! Charity

This week we had a fantastic opportunity to work with M & Co on their new Kite & Cosmic children’s clothing range.   This Spring/Summer collection is designed by TV and radio presenter Kate Garraway, as well as being in support of children’s charity I CAN!  Like most parent’s I love buying clothes for my girls, so when I saw what this range had to offer and how much support it gives to I CAN!  I just couldn’t say no.

I CAN! is a children’s communication charity.   It works with vulnerable children in order to develop their speech, language and communication skills for them to get the best out of life.  I CAN! was established in 1888 and is still going strong today.

Looking through the clothing range, we were spoilt for choice.  The clothes are funky and modern for both boys and girls, aged 3-12.  They also ensure comfort and movability through the use of elasticated waist bands and soft, stretchy materials.  The designs are perfect for my eldest daughter, offering her the chance to explore the world with ease whilst looking very cool as she does!

When our order arrived I was immediately impressed.  The colours are bright and the designs are clear, my daughter loves the look of her new threads!  As a parent, I’m very pleased with the quality feel to each item that we received.  They seem comfortable and durable, perfect for the most inquisitive of toddlers!

My favourite item was the Sequin French Bulldog Tulle Hem Top, I love this motif and the use of sequins.  Sparkles are a big hit in our house, so it was a must have!



Baby J looks so relaxed in this photo, it’s easy to see just how comfortable this range is.  I love motif so much that we had the French Bulldog Print T-Shirt and the French Bulldog Print Leggings too!



Here are some other pieces that we adore:


Sequin Bow Top


Stripe Bow Applique Leggings


My daughter and I are super happy with her new clothes, we will definitely be back to restock her wardrobe next season!


*We were sent a range of Kite & Cosmic clothes for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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Reflections as my Littlest Turns One

Reflections as my Littlest Turns One

I’m struggling to believe that a whole year has passed since the littlest of my girls was born.  This time last year I was waddling around waiting, not so patiently to be induced.  Excited to meet our second born and even more excited not to be pregnant, after carrying my first and second for what was very nearly eighteen months straight.

My labour progressed very quickly after being induced and in the early hours of the morning, in a birthing pool the littlest arrived after just one push – this is to date one of my proudest parenting moments!  I remember my midwives being really relaxed with me as an ‘experienced’ second mum.  I’d only had ten and a half months practice though, so this definitely didn’t feel like the case.



Fast forward a year and here I am, a mother of two and armed with enough experience to write a book.  Hubs and I feel like it’s been one of the hardest and one of the most amazing years of our lives.  We’ve battled with endless sleepless nights, first steps and first words. Twice over!  Hubs had a career change and I went back to work, both were difficult decisions but ones that were right for our family.

Going on our first holiday as a family of four was real highlight.  It was the first child friendly holiday we’ve ever been on and we loved it.  Maybe it was the hot tub on the veranda that swung it for us?!  Truthfully, we found that holidaying with littles was absolutely knackering but enjoying our time together was bliss!



Christmas was such a happy time too, we had a fun-filled day together and couldn’t see the carpet for presents.  Our living room still looks like a toy shop, there are so many I just can’t contain them anymore!

Now we are heading into the Summer with two toddlers.  I don’t get to sit down for more than five seconds at a time and I can’t remember the last time I drank my tea hot.  It’s set to be an amazing year full of milestones and the making of memories!



So, Happy Birthday Littlest!  Thankyou for being the amazing, funny and lovable little girl that you are.  You’ve made our family complete!



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Making the Most of Life Around Shift Work

Making the Most of Life Around Shift Work

Since Hub’s changed his job two years ago, as a family we’ve had to get used to living life around his shift patterns.  Previously he worked Monday to Friday.  They were long hours and he brought a lot of work home, but it was Monday to Friday nonetheless.  He was always here during the night and our weekends were guaranteed downtime from the daily grind.

Hub’s left behind the Monday to Friday routine in favour of the most irregular shift patterns known to man!  As a saver of lives he works nights, afternoons, twilights and every shift in-between.  It’s been incredibly difficult for me to accept the way of life that shift work brings, at first it seemed so alien for Hub’s to be out all night and asleep all day.

Shift work can mean that Hub’s misses seeing the children for days on end, so over the last two years we have developed a few little life hacks that make family life and shift work a little more compatible!


  1. After a night shift, we have breakfast as a family before Hub’s goes to bed.  I hate night shifts and I wish he didn’t have to work them.  But seeing as that’s something I can’t change we make the best of them by eating breakfast as a family.  Twenty minutes of catching up, laughter and cuddles with the kids sets us both in good stead for the day.  I always look forward to breakfast on these days, often they don’t last long enough!
  2. We have dinner as a family before Hub’s goes to work.  Similar to having breakfast together, this makes it feel like we have all enjoyed some quality time together before Hub’s heads out.  The nights can be long once the kids have gone to bed so grabbing some time at dinner is important to keep me sane!
  3. Whenever our ‘weekend’ falls, we make the most of it.  More often than not our ‘weekend’ falls on any day but Saturday or Sunday, this can often mean that we miss out on a lot of occasions.  On a positive note though, places are often much quieter and easier to get around on weekdays.  Staying in too much is no good for anyone, so even if it’s Monday and everyone else is back at work, we get up and get out to make the most of our time as a family.
  4. Acceptance.  The key to making the most of shift work is accepting the situation that you’re in.  Even if it doesn’t seem ideal, often there’s nothing that can be done to change it.  Accepting that this is where you’re at marks the beginning of a blissful work/family relationship!  Truthfully, I’m still working on this one but with these little life hacks thrown in, it’s definitely becoming a little easier.


Do you have to plan family life around shift work?  What life hacks have you developed to make the most of it?


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