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Facts About Caring that will Make you Think Twice

Facts About Caring that will Make you Think Twice

Caring for another person is hard work, especially when you’re completely new to the game. It’s a maze of do’s, don’ts and maybes. Wrong turns are taken frequently and finding your way back to beginning is tiring. Having to be cared for must be incredibly hard work too, but my own experience is that of a carer and here are a few things I’ve learnt so far;

You’ll never fully understand what the other person is going through –

I pride myself on my ability to be empathetic with almost anyone. It’s something I’ve learned to be good at and I know how much difference it makes to approach situations with empathy and understanding. The thing about caring, is that you never have the ability to fully understand what the other person is going through. There’s no way to grasp how illness, terminal or otherwise, affects another individual.

There’s no way to put yourself in their shoes, to feel what they are feeling and to experience the thoughts that are passing through their minds. How must it feel not to be able to do the things you once found so simple? To be told that you have a short amount of time to live? To endure treatments that feel worse than the condition itself? You can’t feel for another person, therefore fully understanding what they’re going through is impossible.

You’ll see sides to people you didn’t even know existed, good and bad –

Caring is a journey that is packed full of highs and lows for everyone involved. The peaks and troughs are so rapid, that even the most grounded of individuals must find them emotionally trying. In my experience this is when people really begin to show their true colours. The people who you think will manage don’t and others surprise you with their resilience and strength.

The same goes for the person being cared for. Their lows can be rock bottom and their highs can make them feel invincible. Being there to guide them through this is exhausting, so who knows how tough this time is for the person being cared for.

It’s an emotional roller coaster and you’re not allowed to get off –

Just when you think that things are on an even keel, something happens to throw you back into turmoil. There are times when you’ll feel like you want out. Times when you feel like your mind and body just can’t take anymore. As a carer you have to carry on, because if you walk away the chances of the other person managing without you are slim.

Sometimes you just can’t help, however much you want to –

It’s a fact. Sometime you can’t help. Sometimes you leave feeling like you’ve failed. I know I have. I’m not a miracle worker and neither are any other carers out there. We’re all doing our best and that is always enough. 

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