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In case you’re unfamiliar with plugins, they’re the fancy bit of technology running behind the scenes of most blogs, making them look good and feel user-friendly. For example; if you see a Facebook feed on someone’s blog or a pop up appears, the site owner will have installed a plugin with that particular function.

I love plugins. I’m always searching for new ones to add to my blog, in an attempt to keep it as up to date and as eye-catching as possible. Much like the app stores on our phones, plugins are created by many different people and so it goes without saying that some are more functional than others. Also, similar to app stores, plugins can be rated by those that use them. This makes it much easier to separate the wheat from the chaff, so that you’re running the best possible plugins on the market.

Now to say I’ve tried a lot of plugins would be an understatement, but in doing so I’ve been able to find a reliable bunch that every blogger needs! Here are my favourites:

Broken Link Checker

I’m sure wading through and fixing broken links is a job that every blogger hates, but it’s essential nonetheless. This plugin makes things a little easier with its ‘bulk action’ option. Of course, you can only use this feature if you’re sure the links all fall under the same category. When they do though, it’s sure to save you a little extra time!

MiloTree Pop-Up

MiloTree is a widely used pop-up, encouraging your readers to follow you on social media. It’s a little box, that usually appears at the  bottom right of the screen when you visit a site. The great thing about MiloTree is that you can add whichever social media channel you feel needs a boost. MiloTree is used by a lot of bloggers and so most of us find it really inoffensive, in comparison to some pop-ups that are a little intrusive when you’re trying to read a post.

Revive Old Post

This one does what it says on the tin. You can connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to this plugin, set time frames and even exclude certain posts. Once you’ve got your settings right, the plugin will publish content to your feeds at regular intervals. It’s really good for sharing old content that would otherwise be forgotten!


Rapidology creates beautiful opt-in forms that link directly to your email provider. You can create as many forms as you wish, linking them to all of your different mailing lists. One of the best things about Rapidology is the number of form designs there are to choose from. You can have them popping up, as banners or as widgets – there’s a form fit for every campaign you have running!

Social Media Feather

A blog isn’t complete without follow and share buttons! There are many different plugins available that enable social sharing and follow buttons. My favourite is Social Media Feather, it has a super modern look and is really easy to set up. Simple and effective!

Which plugins are your favourite?


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