#WorkshopWednesday – How to Use Tailwind Tribes to Boost your Traffic

Blogging / Wednesday, September 6th, 2017


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Pinterest is a major source of traffic for bloggers, but it’s one that a lot of us aren’t tapping in to. If you want to grow your audience, boost your traffic and maximise your reach, then you should be using Tailwind Tribes alongside Pinterest!

Whether you’re a seasoned Pinterest user, or you’re just beginning to grow your presence on the platform, Tailwind Tribes can help give your profile a boost. Not only does using Tribes increase your Pinterest views, it also helps to drive traffic back to your blog. Once you’re regularly using Tribes the chances are you’ll gain more followers as your content is shared more and more!

When you sign up to Tailwind, it can all seem a little complicated and daunting. Don’t be put off straight away, it does get much easier once you’ve spent some time familiarising yourself with the platform. To start using Tribes, first of all you need to find relevant Tribes to join. I found the Pinterest Tailwind Tribes Facebook group invaluable for finding new and established Tribes. Not all Tribes will be relevant to you, so it’s worth having a good look through all of the different Tribes invitations before you join them,  to make sure you’ll be able to share your content within them. Once you’ve joined a few Tribes, you’re ready to start sharing!

Tribe rules –

The first thing to do before you begin sharing your content to Tribes, is to make sure you understand the rules of each one you become a member of. For example: some Tribes request that you only share content with vertical images and some request that you share more than one pin, for each of your own that you’ve shared. The rules can be found on the left of the screen, above the list of members.



How to add content to a Tribe –

If you’re using a Chromebook or the Chrome browser, all you have to do is install the Tailwind Chrome extension. That way you can hover over the pin you’d like to share and click the blue flame, which will add the pin to your drafts.



If you’re using a different browser you can create your pins within Tailwind, which will add them to your drafts and you can schedule them from there, or pin them manually to one of your boards. As well as add them to Tribes.



Whilst in drafts, there’s a little button underneath the preview that says ‘Add to Tribes’. Click on this button and then check the boxes of the Tribes you wish to add the pin to.



When you visit each tribe you’ll notice there are five tabs across the top of the Tribes content. These include: ‘All’, ‘New’, Yours’, ‘Shared’ and Skipped’. These tabs refer to the pins in the the Tribe, all that you have added will be in ‘Your’s and all that you have scheduled/re-pinned will be in ‘Shared.

How to share other people’s content from the Tribe –

Once you’re sure how many pins you need to share from the Tribe, in relation to the amount of pins you’ve added, take a look through and pick out the pins that are relevant to your boards on Pinterest. From here, type the name of the board you’d like to pin the content to in the box under the preview.



To finish, click the green ‘Add to Queue’ button. This will add content to your schedule, if you have Tailwind PLUS these will be pinned automatically at specific times. Otherwise you’ll have to manually pin your selections, this can be done by hovering over the pin and clicking the ‘Pin Now’ button which pops up to the right of the content. Once this is done, the process is complete and you can go ahead and add more content to Tribes!


This brief introduction to Tailwind should will you the knowledge to get started and improve your traffic over night. If you need anymore Tailwind help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the form below!






24 Replies to “#WorkshopWednesday – How to Use Tailwind Tribes to Boost your Traffic”

  1. Thanks for this. I have just maxed out my free 100 pins on Tailwind and am still considering whether to subscribe.

  2. Whoops… too distracted by thunder to type my comment in the right place… oh dear! I’ll try again: This is a really clear and helpful guide. I used to use Tribes quite a bit, but then stopped as I moved to Boardbooster. Thinking of trying again though, so will be referring back! #blogstravaganza

  3. I have Pinterest, I use tailwind. I really need to start making sure I create proper pin-able images for my posts and join some tribes. It’s on my to do list but has been loitering at the bottom for some time now! #blogstravaganza

  4. I’ve been using Tailwind and Tribes, but not really making the most of it I don’t think. Maybe I haven’ found the right tribes yet? I find the Facebook Pinterest groups more useful TBH. At least there it’s pin for pin rather than putting it in a tribe and hoping someone else re-pins it. Maybe I’m doing it wrong? I only add my new pins to tribes – maybe I should put my previous ones in too? #Blogstravaganza

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