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Welcome to #WorkshopWednesday, my weekly feature with a focus on all things blogging! Each week there’ll be tips, tricks and advice on how to get your blog running like a well oiled machine!


There’s so much more to blogging than writing. Having said that, if you don’t have quality content to share with your audience then all the hard work you’re putting in may be fruitless. I’m not saying you have to be the best writer in the world, but there are a few things you can do to make sure your writing is the best that it can be.


Plan –

Some people are capable of sitting down to their laptop cold and churning out killer content. I am NOT one of those people. If I sit down without a plan, you can guarantee that procrastination will get the better of me and the post will take much longer to write than it should.

I always make a plan, even if what I’m writing is only a few paragraphs long. Jotting down my thoughts and putting them in some sort of order helps me to fully grasp the points I’m trying to make. Planning helps me to structure my post in the best way possible, it gives me chance to explore my own thoughts and to develop my ideas before I hit the keyboard.

Lose the waffle –

Often in blogging we write quite colloquially and that’s OK. There is however a fine line between waffle and colloquialisms. One of the best ways to sharpen your writing skills is to cut out the bits you don’t really need. As an option you can easily improve your writing skills with AdvancedWriters.com, an academic writing company. Don’t dilute the point you’re trying to make with extra content that offers no value to the reader, all it does is make your posts difficult to read and reduces the clout your words have.

Learn from those you admire –

Don’t confuse this point with copying another persons work, plagiarism is never OK. What you can do though is appreciate the way they write and apply some of their methods to your own work. Maybe they structure sentences in a certain way, or maybe they write with an air of humour. Learn from what they’re good at and allow your writing to benefit!


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