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If you’ve been blogging for five years or five minutes, you’re bound to have experienced blogger burnout at some stage. Blogging can be all consuming. We spend hours on end immersed in our digital worlds and as much as we love it sometimes it becomes monotonous, exhausting and frankly a little depressing.

When we start to feel like this, it makes it difficult for us to churn out our best work. The endless enthusiasm that we’re supposed to have suddenly comes to an abrupt halt. You know it’s bad when you’re not picking up you’re phone at regular intervals, to check your social media channels and emails.

I’ve found that blogger burnout can also leave you feeling a little guilty. Guilty for not nurturing your blog as much as you used to and guilty that  there’s more tumble weed on your Facebook page than there is interaction. In reality this is OK sometimes, we can’t be at our best ALL of the time. Nevertheless, it’s easier for us as bloggers if we can avoid feeling like this in the first place!

Schedule, Schedule and Schedule Some More!

Most of us can tell when we’re beginning to feel a little tired with the daily grind. When I know things are heading this way I spend an hour or so scheduling content to my blog and all of my social media channels. This can include revived blog posts, memes and my own images with captions – all of the content we’d usually share! Sometimes I set myself up for the whole week, so I know that I can take some time away from the screen to give myself a rest. Scheduling doesn’t mean you don’t have to do a few things manually during the week, but it does take the pressure off.

Accept Guest Posts

Accepting guests posts on your blog is the perfect way to avoid burnout. It gives you a break from creating your own content and it also helps out other bloggers along the way! Accepting guest posts is especially useful if you’re going on holiday, it means that you won’t have to spend the weeks beforehand writing your own posts in preparation for your absence. I love writing, but I also think a break from the keyboard is so refreshing!

Use Quiet Periods as Holiday Leave

For a lot of us blogging gets serious quite quickly. It’s almost addictive and because of this we rarely take a break. It’s crazy really, we put so many hours in and hardly ever take leave. If you were on the payroll somewhere, you wouldn’t dream of skipping your well deserved holidays.

The trouble with blogging is that it’s really difficult to take leave. We have our own content to write and sponsored posts to complete, not to mention everything else in between. Then when things do go a little quiet we work even harder to compensate, in a state of panic that we’re failing at what we’re doing. The key here is not to panic and not to push yourself too far, use the quiet periods as holiday leave. Enjoy the respite, because I guarantee you the work will flow in before you know it and all of a sudden there won’t be enough hours in the day. Remember that everyone needs a break sometimes, none of us are super human!


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