#WorkshopWednesday – Three Tools to Help You Become a Better Blogger

Blogging / Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Welcome to #WorkshopWednesday, my weekly feature with a focus on all things blogging! Each week there’ll be tips, tricks and advice on how to get your blog running like a well oiled machine!

I know I’ve said this before, but all of the bloggers out there know how crazy the workload is. I swear you could sit at your laptop for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and you still wouldn’t get to the end of your to-do list. However much there is to do, we crack on because we love what we do. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get ourselves a little help along the way though!

Here are my three not-so-secret weapons that helped me become a better blogger:


I must admit I was a little late to the game with Trello, but now I can’t get enough. Having been a pen and paper sort of girl for far too long, I decided that having an online organiser would be more useful – seeing as I spend most of my time staring at a screen anyway!

Trello will help you to become more organised than you ever thought possible. You can plan as far ahead as you like, adding labels to tasks so you know what’s urgent and what’s not. You can also share your boards with others – if you’re working on a project with another blogger, it keeps you both in the loop. The advantages to Trello are endless, but the best thing about it is that you can get all of those ideas whirring around your head down and in order. Organisation is key in this blogging game and Trello makes it super easy to keep track!

Yoast SEO

I’m a little bit in love with Yoast. Before I installed this plugin I was totally at sea with SEO, I hadn’t taken anytime to really look into it and I certainly wasn’t getting it right. Yoast is the foundation to good SEO, it gives you clear direction as to what you need to do to get your posts picked up by search engines.

Once I began to understand SEO a little more through Yoast, it gave me the drive to do my own research to make sure I fully understood what the hell it’s all about. Now don’t get me wrong SEO can be a total nightmare at first, but lay the foundations with Yoast and take it from there – you won’t regret it!


Grammarly is a handy little tool that takes a thorough look at your work, to check your grammar. I wasn’t aware of this one until I started freelance writing, but clients often like a quick Grammarly check to be completed before any content is submitted.

I find this tool particularly useful when I’ve had a long day at the computer and the words begin to get a little fuzzy! We’re only human and sometimes we make mistakes, Grammarly is there to pick up on the things we miss before it’s too late!


What tools do you use to make you a better blogger?


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34 Replies to “#WorkshopWednesday – Three Tools to Help You Become a Better Blogger”

  1. Grammarly is very useful. Doesn’t matter how many times I proof my own work I’ll still miss something obvious because I read what I thought I’d written! Haven’t tried Trello, I do like pen and paper (and stickers, stickers make me happy) #blogstravaganza

    1. Yoast is a plugin that you can add to a self hosted blog. The others are available to all! I use a combination of WordPress and TSO hosting. If you get in touch with them, they’ll move your current blog over – it’ll cost you the domain name and around £2.99/month xx

  2. Fab ideas here, I’m using Yoast but not the other two. I also use Tailwind which I love so much, it’s really improved my Pinterest traffic. I also like Canva which I’ve used for loads of things, pins, my business cards and YouTube graphics as I work towards launching my own channel (eek!). Great post xx #blogstravaganza

  3. Love grammerly but not heard of the other two will have a look. As always thanks for all your amazing support posts #blogstravagnza

  4. I use Yoast and Grammarly, but haven’t tried Trello. I’m still an old-fashioned, pen and paper girl at heart (and not very organised either!!) #Blogstravaganza

  5. Grammarly I’ve had for a while now, and Trello I used years ago as a freelancer and completely forgot about until recently. So handy! I’ve installed Yoast this week too, and just starting to get my head around it.
    My favourite tool at the moment is actually my whiteboard…I have it sitting on my desk, and it’s so easy to scribble something down when it comes to me. It’s mainly a to do list at the moment, and it feels so good to wipe something off when it’s been completed.

  6. I absolutely love yoast, it changed my life when I moved self hosted on wordpress! Grammarly didn’t really do much for me with me not long finishing my degree; I am pretty good on that one. My oh actually started using Trello and I love the idea of it but I just use a calendar on my wordpress to manage a lot! #blogstravaganza

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