As a blogger, I’m only too aware of how important it is to create good content for my audience. When I first began writing I read through so many blogging tips and each time I came to the conclusion that content is king, if you want to keep your readers engaged and coming back for more. When you are creating content it’s so important to think about your niche, so that you can write accordingly. Having a strong niche gives you the creative space to really go to town on what you know best. It gives you the opportunity to part with your pearls of wisdom and to offer help, advice and support to your audience!

My blogging experience has given me the knowledge and tools to help other people on their blogging journey. I have learnt from mistakes I made early on in the game and I’ve also learnt from those who have been blogging for many, many years. I’ve been involved in content creation for many different niches, social media management and social media marketing. I’ve also dabbled in a little blogger outreach. I must admit though that blogging is where my heart lies. If you’d like some more information regarding these services though, take a look at Content Mother for all you need to know!


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One of my favourite niches and something that I love to write about is the wedding industry. It offers so much scope in terms of creating amazing content, that so many people will be interested in. Weddings are huge and because there’s so much that goes into making someone’s big day special, you’ll soon have ideas for blog posts coming out of your ears! Before you take to your keyboard though, have a read through my 10 tips on how to create amazing content for wedding blogs;


1 – Research the latest wedding trends –

There are so many different way to get married. Some are more popular than others and some are certainly more fashionable than others. As a wedding blogger it’s really important that you do your research into what’s hot and what’s not. If your readers are looking for budget weddings they might want to read posts that offer 50 ways to save money on your wedding, in this post you could then include the latest trends that also fit the budget. This will make wedding planning so much easier for your readers!

2 – Make sure you know the wedding process inside out –

There’s no point spending hours working on a wedding blog and trying to write about weddings, if you don’t know the process inside out. You need to think about everything from wedding decorations to honeymoons. Know your stuff and don’t miss anything out!

3 – Familiarise yourself with different wedding styles, especially from different cultures –

This differs slightly from trends, especially if you’re talking about weddings from different cultures. Often the process is entirely different to what we regard as a standard wedding, so it’s important that you know all the ins and out of these kind of weddings too. You won’t just be writing for one particular kind of day, so make sure your words resonate with the masses.

4 – Network with wedding providers, so that you can point bride and grooms to be in the right direction –

Networking with wedding providers can put you in a really good position with your readers, as you can be the go between for the goods and services that people require on their wedding day. Not only can you help them realise what kind of day they want, you can point them in the right direction to make it happen too!

5 – Find out how to create the perfect day on a range of budgets –

A lot of people want to know about weddings on a budget. If you know how to talk to people about easy ways to cut your wedding budget and how to save for your wedding, then you’re sure to attract a big audience of people who need to save a little cash.

6 – Don’t be afraid to collaborate with other wedding bloggers –

Collaborations are a great way to get your name out there and to create killer content for your readers. Two heads are often better than one, so try to take advantage of the opportunity should it arise.

7 – Research common myths so that you’re ready to debunk them –

A lot of people’s minds are clouded by certain myths when they are planning such big events. If you do your research and are able to put your reader’s minds at rest, you’re sure to gain their trust and keep them coming back to your blog.

8 – Know the pros and cons to different wedding types –

As well as knowing about all of the different wedding types, it’s also good to know about the pros and cons to each. That way you’ll be able to produce rounded content that is valuable to your readers.

9 – Become a master list maker –

Everyone loves a list! You can create lists of absolutely everything to do with weddings and have them ready and waiting on your blog for when people need them. Readers like it when you make things easy for them and having a ready prepared list is one the best ways to do this!

10 – Use high-res images in your blog posts –

No blog post would be complete without good quality images. They’re eye-catching and they break up your work to make it easy for your readers to get through. Don’t let your photography let you down!


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*This is a collaborative post.