It occurred to me recently that I’m coming up to my three year blogging anniversary. I began, like a lot of mummy bloggers, after the birth of our first daughter. That time has absolutely flown by! Now she’s about to head to school full time and I’m still tip tapping away at this little blog of mine. 

When I started blogging, I didn’t expect it to go on for more than a few weeks. It was something I did to pass the time and to engage my brain, when I felt like all I was doing was changing nappies and sterilising bottles. I got the bug though and I’m proud to say that I carried on. I took the time to learn the ropes, or some of them as blogging is a constant learning curve. I invested time and money into making this little corner of the internet a haven and a job.

Blogging isn’t always sunshine and roses –  

I discovered early on that being a blogger is a lot of hard work. It’s not just about typing a few words and hitting publish. You have to work an incredible amount of hours to produce the right content for you and your readership. You have to learn how to use social media to your advantage and this task can be so exhausting. You could literally run your blog and social media accounts for twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and there would still be more to do.

The worst thing about blogging for me is the comparison game. There are so many amazing bloggers out there and it’s hard not to compare my work to theirs. I read other posts and wish I could write in that way. I scroll past Instagram images and feel envious of the photographic ability of others. This is such a black hole, one that’s hard to get out of if you fall too deeply into it. 

The trick is not to get dragged into the comparison game, it’s not healthy or helpful. It’s also paramount that bloggers take some time off, to avoid feeling completely burnt out. I believe that everyone, bloggers included, should take regular breaks from social media and screens in their entirety. To carry on winning at blogging life, it’s essential to shut out the negative thought patterns and to give yourself some time out. I’ve learnt this the hard way.

Don’t forget the good bits –  

Even though there are areas of blogging that you have to be cautious of, there are so many others that are absolutely amazing! When I started out I had no idea that working hard at blogging could bring with it an immense amount of opportunity. The last three years have been a whirlwind of product reviews, days out, sponsorships and brand ambassadorships. I had pipe dreams of becoming this kind of blogger, but I never actually believed it would happen. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked hard to get this far. I worked at my blog for a whole year before I could actually call it my job. I made it happen though and I’m still amazed by this each and every day. I’ll be forever grateful for all of the opportunities that have fallen into my inbox, mostly because our girls have had so many experiences that they wouldn’t have had, if I wasn’t a blogger. I’m also grateful for the identity that it has given me outside of being ‘mum’. Through blogging I get to contribute to our lives financially as well as my husband, and this makes me feel so good about myself. 

I hope that this blog of mine continues to thrive for many more years yet. I can’t thank my readers, my sponsors and my family for all of the support that keep The Tale of Mummyhood online!