Three Commitments Every Blogger Needs to Make!

Blogging / Monday, March 5th, 2018

Once you’ve been bitten by the blogging bug, it’s impossible not to make a commitment to your corner of the internet. If you blog purely for the love of writing, you still have to pour hours of your life into crafting perfectly worded pieces. If you blog for a living, you have to work hard at building your business too. Whatever drives you to write and to grow your blog, you have to make commitments for it to work.

When I first started blogging I had no idea how much it would take over my life. Now two years in, I live and breathe blogging. I think about work from waking up, to going to bed. It can get a little overwhelming sometimes, but I can honestly say I’ve never had such a passion for what I do before. As with any job, there are good points and bad points. I don’t necessarily enjoy spending hours staring at a computer screen, but I do enjoy what I get out of it. Sometimes I wish I could go a whole day without having to look at my phone, but my blog wouldn’t be where it is today if I hadn’t spent the last couple of years glued to my iPhone.

Everyone’s blogging commitments differ depending on what they’re trying to achieve. To make your mark as a blogger though here are three commitments you definitely need to make!

Commit to working in the evening when the kids are finally asleep –

Parenting is a job in itself and sometimes finding time to blog during the day is impossible. Some days I have the best of intentions, but as my eldest gets older and naps less, sitting down to my laptop before 7pm is near on impossible. So in order to keep up with the work load and to keep my blog moving in the right direction, working after the kids have gone to bed is essential. I know so many bloggers who work into the wee, small hours too. It seems it’s the way forward for the parenting blogger!


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Commit to spending far too many hours a day on social media –

Prior to starting my blog in 2016, I wasn’t very good at social media. If I’m honest, it’s still not my forte. Alas, in order to get content out there, perfecting the art of social media is a must for bloggers all over the world. That means spending far more time on your channels that you really want to, with the aim of building your audience and boosting your traffic. It’s time to admit defeat now!



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Commit to taking hundreds of photographs on a daily basis –

As parents, we probably take a larger than average number of pictures on a daily basis anyway. As bloggers though, we spend even more time snapping the same image over and over to get them just right. Then we lose a few more hours editing them to make them look blog post and Instagram ready. Blogging means we need endless images to share with our readership, so this a commitment we have to be comfortable with. Now’s the time to invest in a masses of cloud storage, you’re going to need it!



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52 Replies to “Three Commitments Every Blogger Needs to Make!”

  1. I really need to make more time for my blog. I love blogging, however with 4 kids, a puppy, hubbie and a job I find it hard to dedicate as much time to building a solid following and being consistent. I totally agree with you regarding social media and thats what I will be focusing on moreso now than I have before.

  2. This sounds about right! My full time job is in social media so I basically spend 12 – 15 hours a day on one platform or another which can be a little difficult when your other half detests social media!!

  3. I had no idea before I started blogging just what a time commitment it is. I definitely agree with everything you’ve mentioned. It’s good to know I’m not alone!

  4. Sometimes I think about all the incredible things I could do with my blog if there were more hours in the day. But working and looking after my daughter take up a lot of time before blogging is even considered. I regularly stay up later than I should and occasionally get up an hour earlier than I usually would (but sometimes the toddler beats me to it). #blogstravaganza

  5. I can feel faint at the thought of how many hours I’ve spent on social media. I question my choices. But then I see an inspiring photo and I’m back down that rabbit hole! I try to only check it 3 times a day – but that is still hours every day! x

  6. I am lucky that I get 3 full days mid week to work on my blog so I can pick and choose when I need to work any extra should that be the case of an evening as I’m not great at late nights and tend to be more productive first thing in the morning so I would rather get up a little earlier. I do need to invest more time in social media though as I’m not the best on it at all #blogstravaganza

  7. Blogging is such a time suck, but I love it. It’s a business and you have to invest time to see progress. I haven’t got that many hours at the moment as I don’t have childcare so only have evenings and that’s when I do client work too. It’s really tough. I hate being glued to my phone – checking social media has almost become akin to a nervous tic! #blogstravaganza

  8. I’ve committed and accepted the first two points, but the latter Im struggling with. I want to live for the moment and not see everything through a camera lense… I also have had awful acne this pregnancy so I will not be in any of them hahaha! #blogstravaganza

  9. Haha yes to all of these! I think having to be on social media all the time is the bit I struggle with the most. I do purposefully leave my phone in the kitchen when I’ve got my “mum” hat on whenever I can because otherwise it’s constantly pinging and I just don’t feel present.

    Congratulations because someone loved this post so much, they added it to the BlogCrush linky! Feel free to collect your “I’ve been featured” blog badge 🙂 #blogcrush

  10. I love your suggestions. The one place I’m lacking is dedication in taking pictures! Ive got 4 grandbabies under the age of 2, and i find myself playing with them instead of taking “the shot ” for my social media. Lol

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