*This is a collaborative post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


One of the most time consuming areas of my job, is managing my seemingly never ending social media content. I could spend all of my working hours on planning and scheduling content and there would still be more to do. That’s why it’s so important to use a Social Media Management Tool when your work in based online. Time is precious, so spending it on tasks that could be done for you, seems like such a waste. There’s no need to while away hours, when ContentCal will complete the bulk of the workload for you.

Features –

ContentCal will publish content on your behalf, to all of the major social media platforms. It includes a visual Social Media Calendar  that you can share with the rest of your team, if necessary. There is the option to integrate your everyday tools, such as Trello, to make life even more simple. The use of one platform, rather than switching between tabs makes life online much easier.

Trends –

With social media, comes trends. When is the best time to post? Who’s looking at my content? Who’s engaging with my content? All of these questions and many more are what online business owners need to know the answers to. Just sending out any old content, hoping for some engagement, won’t cut it. There are many content creators out there, so we have to learn from feedback in order to give our audience what they want.

This is where ContantCal comes into its own. It allows you to create drafts, in order to send them to other members of your team for feedback. It also gives you an accurate preview, so you can see exactly what the post will look like when it goes live. It provides a content performance overview, so that you can understand how well posts are performing. Giving you a clear indication of what your audience respond well to, therefore the kind of content you need to be producing more of.

Within this, ContentCal works out the best times for you to post. This allows your content to be exposed to your people, when they’re online and ready to take in what you have to say. This is an essential tool, as it’s easy to miss people on social media, the trick is to send out your content when your the majority of your audience are ready and waiting. There’s also the option to export data to PDF, should you need to share this information with colleagues or clients.

Don’t let social media take over your life, let ContentCal lighten the load!