How to Maintain Drive and Ambition when you’re Self-Employed

Blogging, Work / Thursday, July 6th, 2017

Self-employment is the dream of many. You get to work when you want, stay in bed until brunch and still earn enough money to keep you and yours in the lifestyle you’ve become accustomed to, right? Wrong! To become a success in the self-employment game you need drive and ambition by the bucket load. There’s no staying in bed and often working when you want means longer hours than you did before.

The beauty of being self-employed is that it often means you’re doing something you love. It’s making your dreams a reality, so the extra hours and workload are more than worth the effort to build your empire. The difficulty with being your own boss is just that. You don’t have someone watching your every move, making sure you’re meeting deadlines and hitting targets.

So what can you do to maintain the drive and ambition you need to rock at self-employment? Look no further!

Set realistic goals –

Setting yourself goals is vital to continue to achieve. Think about where you are now and where you want to be in the future, even if you can only see as far ahead as next week. Think about the steps you need to take to reach your goals and how you’re going to implement them. Write your ideas down if it helps, but make sure they’re realistic. Setting unrealistic goals often means you won’t reach them. This will knock your confidence, meaning your drive and ambition to stay self-employed will suffer, along with your work.

Set yourself deadlines and stick to them –

With no boss to keep you in check, it’s up to you to set yourself deadlines and make sure that you stick to them. Setting yourself deadlines means that your workday will have structure, you know what needs to be done and when.  Every time you meet a deadline you’ll feel satisfied in your work, fuelling your drive and ambition to achieve! Having no deadlines and therefore no structure in your work life is a recipe for disaster!

Don’t be too proud –

Often being self-employed can mean you’re working from the ground up. Just because you’re now your own boss doesn’t mean the work will automatically start flowing in. Don’t be too proud to start small and take the little jobs as you build up your business and reputation. Completing projects whatever they are worth, puts you one step closer to the bigger jobs. Rome wasn’t built in a day and work is work when you have bills to pay!

Allocate yourself time off –

Give yourself a break. Self-employment can be all-consuming and after a while this can take its toll. Allocate yourself time off to rest, spend quality time family or see your friends. Doing so will see you refreshed and ready to tackle what the world throws at you when it’s time to get back to work!






39 Replies to “How to Maintain Drive and Ambition when you’re Self-Employed”

  1. It’s hard work but so worth it. Though the chasing invoices is not always fun #Blogstravaganza

  2. Clear, concise and helpful as always! Love your blog! I need to work on the setting achieveable goals bit majorly, as you say it’s a real confidence-knock not to achieve a set goal when in fact it was unrealistic xx #Blogstravaganza

  3. These are great bits of advise. This week we were hit with a sickness bug and I remember worrying that my blog wouldn’t be up on time. I’m only doing it for me so it’s just rediculous but just goes to show that something is motivating me. #blogstravaganza

    Also thanks for choose me as featured blogger last week. It really made me feel proud. For some reason the badge wouldn’t copy into my post. Any ideas why?

  4. It is hard to stay focused at home surrounded by family so I try to do as much in the evenings as possible once the children are in bed. This does mean that I don’t get a chance to relax, watch tv, read a book or even spend much time with Chris anymore 🙁 #ablogginggoodtime

  5. You are so right – working for yourself is hard and distraction is so easy, especially working from home. Always jobs to do that you have to walk past and not get distracted by. The benefits definitely outweigh the down side though x

  6. Some really good advice Zoe. I struggle with time at the moment as my little one naps for about 40mins but come February he will be starting preschool so that is when I will be following all your fab advice and really stepping things up a gear. At present I see myself self as setting up the basic groundwork of my blog x

  7. These are great tips. I’m lucky that by working employed part time I get to do both. This was I still get a bit of holiday pay which makes things a little easier. I can see why you’d need to be like this though if you’re fully self employed. I hope it’s going well. #Blogstravaganza

  8. Great tips! I am still unsure if I want to go pro with my blog, IF I could do pro, if I could go self employed… Hmm, lots to think through. Anyhow, great post! 🙂 #BLogstravaganza

  9. I’m not self employed (would love to be but the gamble is too big), but I do work from home a few days a week and all these tips are just as applicable to that too. Great post!
    #blogstravaganza (v. late!)

  10. Great post, lots of tips here for me. It can be so scary starting to be self employed. Hard to keep the motivation and drive up at time. Have saved this post ❤️

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