Finding your Blogging Feet – Success Tips from Experienced Bloggers

Blogging / Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

Entering the blogging world can be extremely daunting. Not only is there immense amount of work to get through, but there are bloggers out there who just seem to be nailing it. For those that have just opened their social media accounts, seeing others with tens of thousands of followers can certainly stop you in your tracks. Initially, reaching those figures seems so out of reach.

All bloggers have to start somewhere though. A good following and readership isn’t handed to anyone on a plate. All of these people have had to work incredibly hard to become as successful as they are. They also have to continue grafting to keep up with the fast pace of blogging, if they want to stay at the top of their game. Considering just how experienced some of these great bloggers are, I thought it would be a good idea to pick their brains. To find out the one thing they continue to do that has helped them succeed and that continues to help them progress!

The one thing I always try to remember is that social media doesn’t always reflect reality. As a blogger, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by how successful someone else is. You just have to remember that they’re human too and that they’ve had to work damn hard to get where they are. It’s not sunshine and roses for everyone, all of the time! In my experience it’s best to use someone else’s success as something to aspire to, not something to be envious of.


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What makes those kick-ass bloggers, so kick-ass?!


Lyndsay from Fizzy Peaches: ‘For me, it’s got to be sheer determination and perseverance! It’s really a 24/7 job and you can’t take your finger off the pulse for two seconds. People think I’m mad for working on Sunday evenings and all the way through my maternity leave, but I’m really pleased I have as I’m seeing the rewards for it now.’

Jodie from Maidenhead Mum:  ‘I will always remember having a ‘lightbulb’ moment over photography. I’d always used smart phone photos and figured that was OK as blogging was meant to be a ‘quick and simple’ thing. Switching to DSLR quality photos has made a huge difference and opened so many doors for me. I’ve invested in a mirrorless camera which gives pro results but which is small enough for me to take everywhere.’

Beth from Twinderelmo: ‘Being surrounded by positive inspiring bloggers. Without some of my lovely blogging friends I would never have had the balls to believe in myself and ask for higher fees which has hugely benefited myself and my family.’

Pete from Household Money Saving:  ‘Focusing on SEO with the help of Yoast. It took me a while to realise the importance of keywords, so people can find you through search engines.’

Samantha from North East Family Fun: ‘Increasing the amount I post definitely helped (I have posted 5-7 times per week for the last 3 years) and teaching myself SEO. My blog can easily have over 2000 views per day if I do nothing at all thanks to good SEO on older posts.’

Laura from Edinburgh with Kids: ‘I’m definitely still working on this but having self-belief and not under estimating my own worth. I still sometimes feel like a fraud in amongst very talented people but realising that people do want to work with me (and pay me!) helps!’

Jennifer from My Mummy’s Pennies: ‘A good network of blogging friends who I can turn to for support and advice.’

Eva from Captain Bobcat: ‘Other bloggers. Without the knowledge they’ve shared with me  (and I keep learning something new every day) I could have never reached where I am now.’


A huge thankyou to all who made this post possible!




46 Replies to “Finding your Blogging Feet – Success Tips from Experienced Bloggers”

  1. Great tips for a new blogger like me! I never thought about the DSLR camera, but this can be so true if you’re striving for quality. Going to work on my SEO too! #Blogstravaganza

  2. Great tips. I don’t think I had a clue just how much work was involved before I started. I can remember seeing other bloggers with followers in their thousands and thinking I’d never get there but with sheer hard work and determination, it does happen. So much goes on in the background and I think if we all knew it prior to starting, we may not even bother, but I’m so glad I did. #blogstravaganza

    1. I think that’s the best way to do things, thinking too much about other can bog you down if you let it! Xx

  3. I’m still very new at this, and definitely agree with Fizzy Peaches how it is a full time job! I had no idea before I started. It’s challenging to balance it with my other work, but I’m going to work on SEO–I feel like I keep choosing the wrong keywords. I think I just have to keep in mind that everyone’s idea of success is different. Thank you for the post! #blogstravaganza

    1. You’re so right, you have to please yourself before any one else! I couldn’t imagine having to balance the workload with a full time job. I think you do exceptionally well! Xx

  4. Some really great tips. I felt very overwhelmed by everyone else’s successes and the work load. It all took me by surprise. I soon realised that I cannot compare myself to everyone else I need to work as hard as they do to get to where I want to be #TriumphantTales

  5. As a newbie blogger, I’m lapping these tips up. Thank you for this post! It’s so daunting starting out as the blogging side almost seems secondary to social media and photos (neither of which I’m very good at!). It seems like a really supportive community though and I love all the positivity #globalblogging

  6. I’m still learning. It’s hard but I think it will be worth it in the end when I can say that I finally made it. I’m trying to get the hang of SEO and keywords. I even bought a book.

  7. I really love the persistence advice shared up top Zoe. Any success I had blogging-wise rooted itself in having fun, helping folks and making friends over the long haul. No sprinting in this blogging game. It is a marathon every time. If you keep at it, you can and will have stunning success online.

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