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18 Replies to “Building an Online Business – A Blogger’s Memoir”

  1. It is all consuming isn’t it!? I love my blog though, it’s not the biggest or the best, doesn’t make much money but it’s given us three family holidays this year, countless days out and experiences that mean the world to me. Mainly though it’s mine, all mine, that’s my escape #blogstravaganza

  2. Your blog is inspiring and you are such a lovely person. Blogs do take so much more time than you realise, I’ve learnt that over the past 14 months and am still learning every day. Tweaking things, scheduling differently and sometimes just taking a step back to breathe. Thank you for sharing this post with #Blogstravaganza lovely host! I needed to read that today xx

  3. OMG, I do the same thing: take pics when we’re out places that I think I can use later on my blog. I also try to look out for new ideas for topics I can write about later. I think about it and what I need to do next. Can totally spend a whole day updating and feel like I only got an inch of work done.

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