If you’d have told me three years ago, that I would find myself with a lucrative online business I wouldn’t have believed you. Prior to writing my first blog post, I hadn’t picked up a laptop in years. I had no need to. I was a hairdresser, who’d just had her first baby. I had no intention of going back to work, so the closest I got to technology was the TV remote for a Netflix binge.

Then one day, I discovered Instagram. I was drawn in by the world of hashtags, likes and Insta businesses. So I created an account, started posting a few snaps and soon realised that I could really make something out of this. That’s when I created my blog and The Tale of Mummyhood was born. Building my blog wasn’t easy though, I had to learn so much along the way. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of blogging and I know from experience that it’s not for the idle among us!


One step at a time –

One of the things that made me start writing was that I always thought I could do better than hairdressing. There I said it. Shoot me. I’ve always had a little niggle that I should have weighed up my options more. I’m not taking anything away from the passionate hairdressers among us though, some of those guys are incredible and they’ve found their calling. Me though? Not so much. I was always in it for the money and I can tell you that if you’re a self-employed hairdresser, there’s a lot to be made.

My background however, meant that I really had to take building an online business one step at a time. Some days I would stay up until the wee, small hours. Trying to work something out, that I could now do in seconds. I had to persevere and I had to open my mind and be willing to learn. Not only that, in this game you have to continue to learn. Soak up everything you can from those around you and don’t ever think you’ve cracked it. You haven’t, there’s always something new to get your teeth stuck in to. There’s no end in sight and I had to make my peace with that.


Making time –

I once read that the a large proportion of blogs are abandoned within three months of them being set up. The prime reason for this, is that the creators just don’t find the time to write. They don’t put the hours into their social media platforms and they don’t take time to engage with their potential audience. I get it, I really do. It’s time-consuming and hard, but it’s essential if you want to make your blog a success.

I put an incredible amount of hours into my website. I love it like a third child and nurture it each and every day. The trouble is, there’s ALWAYS something to do. As with all kinds of technology things don’t always run as smoothly as they should. You have to be completely on the ball and take the time to rectify any problems that smack you in the face on a quiet Sunday morning. Yep, us bloggers have to work Sundays.

I didn’t realise until I was too far in, that blogging seeps into every aspect of your life. You can’t go on a day out with the family, without taking a million photos. As well as mentally planning which bits you intend to write about. You can’t go to bed without working for an hour, or three, on your social media platforms. If you let it, blogging becomes all-consuming. I swear you could work 24/7 and there’d still be more to do.


A family friendly business –

The thing I’m most proud of when it comes to my blog, is that I’ve succeeded in  building a family friendly business. I get to be the worker that I want to be, as well as being the parent I want to be. It’s been a bit of a bumpy road at times and like many other bloggers before me, I’ve contemplated shutting the whole lot down. When I step back and look at what I’ve built though, I know that every hour, every tear and every bit of frustration has been worth it!


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