The thing about having your first baby is that there is absolutely no walk through. You’re totally new to the whole thing and no matter how much information you get (which can feel a lot like walking through mud most of the time) every experience is different. What’s more, there are a million and forty-four things to prepare for and get done before the baby gets here.

As new to this as you are and for all the pointless anecdotes and advice you get, preparing your house for the new arrival is totally universal. Read on for our top preparation tips and tricks!

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Choosing Baby’s Room

Those first months will see you constantly getting up and out of bed throughout the night. That’s just how it goes. So keep that in mind when choosing the baby’s bedroom. This doesn’t make it an easy choice, though. Baby’s room could be close so that it is convenient for night time feeds, it could be as far away as possible so that one of you can be on the ball in the morning.

Get Your Decorating On

This is one of the most exciting times in any new parent’s life because decorating their nursery is totally magical. Of course, decisions and compromises need to be made. First, there are probably things in this room because it previously used to be the spare room. So, decide whether you want to store anything with or give it away to charity. Safety is another must-have consideration, as is convenience. So only start with the basics of a cot, change table, dresser and a comfy chair and then add to it after the arrival.

Baby Proofing Everything

This is one of those tasks that will never end because, as they grow the protection needs to adapt. When it comes to newborn versus toddler, you’ll see how your home becomes more hazardous. As overwhelming as this may seem, the earlier you start the better. So, ask your husband to get on his hands and knees and have him start protecting any hazards he can see from his new viewpoint; these will be hazards to the baby when they are crawling and toddling.

Baby Monitor

This is for your peace of mind as much as anything, especially in those first few weeks when you haven’t quite got the motherhood swag down perfectly. This is natural by the way, so embrace it. Luckily, there are so many amazing baby monitors on the market that allow you to almost be all places at all times, which a mummy skill you pick up pretty quickly. Some just let you hear when they are crying, other’s play music and some let you see their faces while they are sleeping. So go with what you are happy with.

Your Bedroom

It is inevitable that your bedroom will be taken over and dragged into being a new suburb of Babyland. Try not to let this happen, but don’t stress over it too much. In fact, have a few essential things to help you through the first stages of mummyhood, such as a rocking chair in the corner somewhere and a trunk where you can just throw the baby stuff that litters your floor so it is at least out of sight. Voila. Your home is basically ready!