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Animals / Monday, October 9th, 2017

If your family has a pet, you’ll know how much you all love them to be involved in everything you do together. From holidays to days out at the park, we don’t like to leave our pooches out of anything, if we can help it. So, with Halloween around the corner, why not dress them up with their very own Halloween costume and take them trick-or-treating with you and the kids?

With some help from dog food and pet product suppliers, Feedem, we’ve found the top dog Halloween costumes so you can find the perfect get-up for your pet.

Man’s best eight-legged friend

How about a spider costume? Fitting across your pooch’s body and customised with eight spindly legs, your pup will look the ideal mix of funny and spooky in this outfit. Plus, there are lots of varieties for spider-themed dog Halloween costumes online, so you can go as scary as you like!

How will it feel on your dog?

Overall, this costume ranks OK for comfort. However, the floppy spider legs might get on your pet’s nerves after a while. Although, they should be able to stand still for a fair few snaps with the kids during the trick-or-treat adventure!

How do you get it on your dog?

The spider outfit fits around your dog’s belly, so a bonus is that it’s one of the more secure costumes available online. We think this one works especially well on little dogs. Not only because it looks more like a giant spider — which makes it scarier— but also because it might be harder to squeeze big pets into it comfortably.

What’s the final verdict?

While there might be easier, more comfy options out there; the spider costumer fits in perfectly with the theme and is bound to get some attention during your trick-or-treating.

Final score: 17/30

TY dog

Remember Beanie Babies? The TY Beanie Baby collection included a massive range of beanbag teddies and animals that everyone seemed to collect at school. And now, you can bring the Beanie Baby trend to Halloween.

What we love about the TY dog idea is that you can make it at home for practically nothing. All you need is cardboard, red and white felt, a piece of string, and a willing pooch. To make, just cut out the traditional, heart-shaped TY label from cardboard and stick on your red and white felt. Then, make a small hole in the top left-hand corner of the heart and tie it around your dog’s collar using the string. If you recall, Beanie Babies had dates of birth and a little poem in the label, so make your dog Halloween costume authentic by doing the same!

How will it feel on your dog?

Out of the four options here, this is the comfiest and least fussy. If you tie the tag on securely, it shouldn’t flap around too much and annoy your pet.

How do you get it on your dog?

Simple. Just tie it on as loosely or tightly as your dog likes.  

What’s the final verdict?

This is an iconic collection and your dog will look really cute wearing the label around their collar. However, it’s not really a spooky costume, if that’s what you’re going for this Halloween.

Puppies and pumpkins

If you like the idea of getting the kids together for a pre-Halloween crafts session, why not make your very own pumpkin Halloween dog costume? Although there are plenty you can buy online, this is a nice way to build up to the event and your kids will love getting involved.

To create it yourself, start off by getting Velcro, and orange and black felt (the black will be the pumpkin’s face). Just take your pet’s measurements and cut out the fabric you need, then stick the eyes, mouth and nose of your pumpkin’s face onto the back with PVA glue.

How will it feel on your dog?

Styles vary and you can make it as snug or as unrestrictive as you like. Most designs work by going around the trunk of your dog’s body, although some also fit around the legs and over the head! On the plus side, felt will feel comfy on your dog and shouldn’t irritate them in any way.

How do you get it on your dog?

Very active dogs might not keep this on for very long, if it’s a loose-fit. Although, if you secure it well with the Velcro strips, we can’t see why they wouldn’t manage to wear it for most of the evening.

What’s the final verdict?

If you were playing the word association game, ‘pumpkin’ would be one of the first words out of your mouth if someone said ‘Halloween’. So, this one wins points for fitting into the theme, at least. Plus, you can make this dog costume as scary or as cute as you like by tweaking the face on the back.

The lion look

You might have seen this design already in ads and photos, but that’s because it’s such a winner. Basically, this outfit consists of a large, shaggy mane that goes around your dog’s face. The wild hair makes big dogs look scary in time for the spookiest night of the year, or you can make this a funny dog Halloween costume by putting it on a tiny breed, like a chihuahua. Like the spider outfit, there are lots of varieties online for different breeds.

How will it feel on your dog?

The beauty of the mane is that it won’t hassle your dog when they’re drinking or eating. Granted that it’s a good fit on their head, this is one of the comfier options.

How do you get it on your dog?

You can get all kinds of sizes to fit your pooch and the elastic used in each mane makes it even easier to get an ideal fit.

What’s the final verdict?

Taking a lion trick-or-treating with you is sure to make a big impression. We believe this idea works best on large tan or brown dogs!

These are just a handful of ideas to involve your dog with the trick-or-treating this year. Make sure you take plenty of treats and biscuits out with you in case they get distracted by their outfit, too!


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