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About me

Sara John

Welcome to The Tale Of Mummy Hood, a haven for every mom navigating the vibrant tapestry of family life. I’m Sara, a mom myself, sharing the realness of parenting, the beauty of motherhood, and the journey of pregnancy with a sprinkle of joy and a dash of reality.

Here, we delve into everything that makes our journey unique – from the first signs of being pregnant, through the rollercoaster of raising a family, to balancing work and personal happiness. This blog is my love letter to motherhood: the tough days, the happy moments, and everything in between.

Whether you’re looking for advice, shared experiences, or just a moment of connection, you’ve found your tribe. Together, we explore the essence of being a parent, the challenges of juggling work and home, and the pursuit of happiness in the chaos of daily life.

Join me as we navigate the beautiful, messy journey of raising a family. Welcome to our community of moms, where every tale of motherhood is celebrated.


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