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Thankful Thursdays…#6


This week has been a hectic week.  Hubs has been working hard on renovating our house, bringing it well and truly into 2016!

With the house completely upside down, it has been really difficult to keep Baby J and Little E entertained in one room.  Even with what feels like more toys than Smyths hauled up in our living room, Baby J gets very frustrated if she spends too much time indoors.  I love to be outside too, so we packed up the car and headed out!

We live in the country, which we often take for granted.  This week we have made the most of it!  We’ve enjoyed the sunshine, picnics and parks.  We’ve fed the ducks, paddled and splashed.  Baby J has loved every minute – until we got back home anyway!

Hubs has now broken the back of the work he has to do to our house.  I’m very lucky that he’s so handy and can get stuck in!  Hopefully by the middle of next week normal service will be resumed.  I can’t wait!

After a very upside down week I am thankful for two things:

  1. That we live in such a picturesque area.
  2. That Hubs doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty and is building me a nice new kitchen!

Here’s to the country and here’s to Hubs!

           What are you thankful for this week? 

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