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28 Replies to “How to Create a Work/Life Balance to Suit You”

  1. some really great tips here, especially agree with comparing ourselves, it isn’t fair on anyone. I used to find saying no so hard but it’s getting easier.

  2. I’m off to go buy an organiser today! haha, my life would be so much easier if I balanced things a bit better and told myself that I AM going to do such and such, instead of “maybe I’ll do that in a bit…” I need to be stricter on myself. – and I totally agree, I spend way too much time worrying about what others think and how I could be more like so and so etc! #blogstravaganza

  3. This is an ongoing issue for me. It’s hard to make non bloggers realise just how much work goes into making a successful blog. Luckily for me many of the blog posts I write are inclusive of family and as we share so many interests it barely seems like I’m working at those times. Other than that, my dogs force me to get up and out every day for their long walk. So it’s not all nose to the screen… x #Blogstravaganza

  4. So much love for the way you write! And the way your tips are doable and realistic. Speaking of being realistic, that’s the one I need to work on – I’m forever making these grand lists of things I want to get done and when they don’t happen (they were never going to) I feel overwhelmed and disappointed. Some really sound advice here x

  5. Lovely! I face these challenges on a daily basis! Juggling the 4 kids, husband, work, their schedules and the household is not always easy. I must admit I do lists! Endless sticky notes and reminders of everything. I struggle with the time slots thing though…. I’m going to try harder! Thank you x

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