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Tag Archives : technology

Smart Technology At Home: The Key To An Easier Life?

Did you know that in the UK alone, 25% of consumers own at least one smart device? Over the past ten years, smart devices have become more and more popular, and as the appeal of devices like smartphones and tablets has grown, so has the appeal of smart homes. A study recently revealed that 78% of consumers agree that smart…

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#BabyLove My Toddler Life – Children’s Book Review & Giveaway

We love reading over here at The Tale of Mummyhood HQ. We have a library to rival the the best of them, so when we get the chance to review the latest children’s books we jump at the chance!  This week we were sent #BabyLove My Toddler Life, written and illustrated by Corine Dehghanpisheh, not only was it fun to…

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Penclic Mouse R3, A Blogger’s Best Friend

As a blogger and a writer I spend more time on my laptop than ever before.  With a to-do list that’s often as long as my arm and not enough hours in the day, anything that makes my work run a little smoother is a welcome companion. I was recently given the chance to try out the Penclic Mouse R3,…

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KidloLand App – Review and Giveaway

When was the last time you gave your child a tablet to play on, without you feeling the pang of screen time guilt? As Mothers (and Fathers) we aim to educate our children from noon ’till night. We attempt to restrict access to screens, occasionally constantly trying to engage our in activities to nourish their minds.  Whilst doing so, the laundry…

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