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Holiday Bucket List – History, Relaxation & Wildlife!

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With a whole new year ahead of us, Hubs and I cant help but think about holidays. There are so many destinations that we would love to visit, from places to spend time relaxing on a beautiful beach. To heading out into the towns and cities of new places around the world, taking in their customs and culture. With two young children in tow, travelling doesn’t always come easy, but we have a holiday bucket list packed full of our dream holiday choices. Whether we get to visit them sooner, or later they’re places that we can’t wait to explore!

Having limited travel experience myself, means that I have an array of places on my list. All offering different things. Hubs has travelled much more than me, he knows that beach holidays aren’t really his cup of tea. For that reason his dream destinations are full of culture and history, with so much to see and learn. Between us though and with a little help from Kamagra Oral Jelly Paypal, we have managed to choose three places from our holiday bucket list that for us are a must visit!


History: Greece –

First on our list is Greece. A destination that is steeped in history and culture. I would love to hire bicycles to explore this amazing place, taking in the architecture of famous landmarks. Hubs and I would also love to explore life in Greece off of the beaten track. I’m always amazed by how other people live and I’m sure we could learn a thing or two about living out in the sticks. Imagine what life would be like without our smartphones and the world at our finger tips. This trip would surely induce a lot of soul-searching. Greece is a destination that I’m positive we would never forget.


Kamagra Oral Jelly Paypal Australia
Photo Credit


Relaxation: Seychelles –

Even though relaxation isn’t at the top of my husbands to-do list, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to indulge every now and again! I love nothing more than taking some time out in idyllic surroundings, with a good book to escape every day life. I would love to experience the breathtaking views of golden sands and clear blue oceans. Having researched this area, I’m awestruck by the perfect coves surrounded by extraordinary sea life and exotic plants. I really believe that this would be the holiday of a lifetime, with there being such a contrast to how we live our lives over here. I think this is the ideal destination for us to visit as our girls get a little older. There’s so much for them to see and experience, it’s a holiday that we’d want them to remember!


Kamagra Ordering
Photo Credit


Wildlife: Sri Lanka –

I’ve always been a lover of wildlife, as I would much rather see the worlds amazing animals in their natural habitats. There are so many beautiful animals that I would love to see and I’m sure that Sri Lanka is the place to go to witness them. I know that this would be spectacular for our girls to experience too, you just can’t put a price of the beauty of the natural world. Holidays in Sri Lanka are often accompanied by wildlife tours. It’s possible to see elephants, whales, leopards and exotic birds among so much more. There’s even the opportunity to head on safari and to camp out in the wild. This really is my dream holiday destination, I get all excited just thinking about it!


Ordering Kamagra Online
Photo Credit


Over the next few years as our girls are more able to travel longer distances, we are sure to visit these amazing places. Hubs and I will make it our mission to allow our girls to experience the world as much as we possibly can. All we have to do now is decide where we’re heading first!


What destinations are on your holiday bucket list?


Kamagra Purchase Online
Photo Credit



*This post was written in collaboration with Destination 2. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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Camping with Kids: A How to Guide

Purchase Kamagra Jelly Online

Since having children our holidays have changed dramatically. Long gone are the luxury hotels, city breaks and spa’s.  Welcomed are the outdoors, camping and four pairs of wellies! Now don’t get me wrong, I love camping. It’s the perfect holiday for our girls to get to know the outdoors and to explore. So this week I’ve partnered with Kamagra Buy Online India, to bring you The Tale of Mummyhood guide to camping with littles!

Now I must admit, as a family we ‘re generally fair weather campers.  You won’t catch us  crashing in a tent mid-Winter. Having said that, there’s just something about being so close to nature, leaving the hustle and bustle of every day life behind and enjoying quality time as a family.  Our most recent trip saw us in the north of England.  It was the first time our girls had been on the beach, paddled in the sea and ate fish and chips from the paper!


Kamagra Buy Australia
Whilst camping with the littles can be great fun, it can also be a real challenge. Staying in the great outdoors means that a lot of luxuries are left behind, being prepared is key to making your trip a success. With our holiday fresh in my mind I thought I’d share with you a few little Kamagra Buy With Paypalas possible!

Kamagra Buy London

Find a site with the facilities you need –

We all know that camping is about getting back to basics, but sometimes we need a few little niceties to make our lives easier.  Not all sites have showers and toilets for example, so it’s always good to do your research before you book.

Write a list in advance –

My husband is a huge lover lists, he even has an app to keep them in order!  I must admit though, a list can be a game changer when holidaying with kids.  There’s so much you have to remember, from clothes to sterilisers and sleeping bags to toys. The last thing you need is to arrive at your destination, only to have to head back out for things you may have forgotten.  Save yourself, write a list and tick things off as you pack!

Have a tent test run –

Picture this: it’s late, you’ve been on the road for hours, the kids are hungry and tired and you still have to wrestle to get your accommodation up before night falls.  Sound like a nightmare?  In that case, a tent test run could be your saviour. Having a system in place means that you’ll be settled and enjoying your holiday in no time, rather than asking your fellow campers for an extra pair of hands!

Pack for every eventuality  –

Even if it’s given sunshine all week, pack for all weathers.  British weather is notorious for changing and there’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable whilst you’re trying to enjoy yourself.

Take in-car chargers for your devices –

Now I know we shouldn’t need devices in the great outdoors, but the fact is sometimes we just need to be connected.  Whether it be your mobile or the kids tablets, running out of juice is no fun!

Make sure you take enough entertainment for the kids –

Whether they like to ride their bike, play football, or play with their favourite toys. Make sure you have enough choice to keep them entertained. It’s nice for adults to have a little down time on holiday and making sure the kids are occupied may just give you five minutes peace.

Take a parasol –

Often tents are pitched in open space and if you are lucky enough to see the sunshine it can become too much for children.  Taking a parasol means that they can still enjoy playing outside, whilst staying safe from the sun’s rays.

Kamagra Buy Cheap
Photo Credit

Here’s hoping that these tips and tricks make your holiday even better, organisation definitely makes for happy campers!

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