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Five Reasons You Should Exercise More

I’ve always loved exercise, fitness and I are no stranger.  I’ve spent most of the past year working out at home, but with the Littlest turning one this month I’ve been feeling like it’s time to get back into keeping myself fit and healthy with a passion! After re-joining my pre-baby gym, I spent a few days finding my feet…

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Sleep Like a Baby with the Zen Guru Memory Foam Mattress

As parents of two young children, Hubs and I have learnt the value of sleep the hard way.  Long gone are the days when weekends were used to lie in and catch up on sleep after a week of work.  These days we often rise before the sun and finally crawl into our beds well after it sets.  Our girls aren’t…

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A Controlled Crying Diary

I have a six month old baby who throughout day eats like a horse. I have a six month old baby who despite said eating habits, consistently wakes at 12am, 3am and 6am insisting that she be fed. I have a Husband who works crazy shift patterns and is absolutely cream crackered. Then there is me. I have two under…

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Who Needs Sleep Anyway?

Sleep is my favourite, I didn’t appreciate it enough before. Lie-ins are a thing of the past.  When the clock reaches 6 and the house is still quiet, I feel like all of my Christmases have come at once.  I shut my eyes and hope for the best, I know she’s awake but denial kicks in. Just 10 more minutes, I’ll be set…

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Mummy Friends – United We Stand

This week Little E has had the most unsettled week she has had since she was born.  We have had a week of all day grumpiness, tears and bedtime screaming!  Babies cry though right?  I would normally agree, but in comparison to my first-born Little E has been a dream.  I love you Baby J but you were such a…

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Thankful Thursdays…#1

Welcome to my new series Thankful Thursdays!  We all love our children we know that, but we are also not afraid to have a good whine and a moan about how difficult this parenting lark can be.  So on that note I have decided that however good or indeed bad my week has been, on a Thursday I will take…

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Newborn vs. Toddler, Five Days in.

Five days into being a second Mummy and things could not be more different this time around. It’s early days but the differences between the Baby J and Little E are massive. The Birth – Little E took half the time Baby J took to arrive. The pain was MUCH less (it still fucking hurt don’t get me wrong)! I…

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