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Tag Archives : mental health

I’m not Failing, I’m a Working Mum

Since I went back to work at the beginning of last month, I’ve really struggled to shake the feeling that I failed at being a SAHM.  Every time I sit down to work, I look back at my children’s faces and a pang of guilt rocks me.  Once I get going the feeling usually passes and I get on with my job, but…

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Loving The Life Less Lived – A Mental Health Awareness Week Giveaway

Mental Health Awareness week 2017 falls between 8th – 17th May.  In light of this, here at The Tale of Mummyhood, we are giving away a copy of the fabulous book LOVING THE LIFE LESS LIVED by Gail Marie Mitchell.   ‘Loving The Life Less Lived is an emotional rollercoaster, it’s an honest, often brutal example of how anxiety can…

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Five Reasons You Should Exercise More

I’ve always loved exercise, fitness and I are no stranger.  I’ve spent most of the past year working out at home, but with the Littlest turning one this month I’ve been feeling like it’s time to get back into keeping myself fit and healthy with a passion! After re-joining my pre-baby gym, I spent a few days finding my feet…

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Why Podcasts are my New Found Love

Whilst driving and in the gym I’m always plugged in, usually to the radio or the never ending playlists on my phone.  I’m not into any specific genre, so I often vary the station I listen to or the playlist I shuffle through.  However, of late I’ve noticed myself skipping tracks and stations.  I’m bored of the endless rattling on the…

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Postnatal Depression – Daring to Talk about Mental Health

Writing about postnatal depression isn’t easy.  I’m torn between wanting to write about it, not quite being ready and worrying about what people will think if they read it. Depression is a tricky subject.  It shouldn’t be, but it is.  People don’t always like to talk about it, sufferers often feel ashamed to admit it.  The stigma that is attached…

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