I know immediately that the answer to this question is no. Teachers definitely do not always get the respect they deserve. I’m not just saying this because I’m married to an ex-teacher. I’m also not just saying this because I know a lot of teachers and I don’t want to upset them. Over the past decade I’ve witnessed numerous individuals working in the education system, be worn down by the sheer lack of respect that they get from students, parents and their employers.

Since Hubs left the profession a few years ago, I don’t suppose I’ve given it much thought. With the biggest starting school recently though, I’ve been thrown back in to the education system and its been a reminder of how hard teachers really do work. One of the main reasons I’m so impressed with the staff at my daughter’s school is because I am ‘that parent’. You know the one that looks at every single school within a ten-mile radius before deciding on the right one. The parent that wants to know what their child has been up to, for every second that they’ve been in another person’s care. Unfortunately for the school in question, I’m the parent that ALWAYS wants to help out too. Putting up with this is a lot of hard work, yet teachers make people like me feel at ease each and everyday. That’s before they even start teaching for the day.

The thing is, I find trusting other people with my children a difficult thing to do. They’ve been in my care since they were born, then all of a sudden I’m expected to leave them with a stranger to find their way in the world. I know it’s natural progression and thankfully the biggest loves school. Her teachers have given her an incredible start. This really makes me wonder though; how many parents recognise the effort teachers put in, to make sure their child is happy, safe and thriving in their school setting?


When teachers go above and beyond –

On meeting our daughter’s nursery teacher, I knew within seconds that she was ‘the one’. How ridiculous does that sound? It’s true though, I just knew that this lady and her team were the right people for the job. The whole team has such a high level of early years knowledge, they make the whole teaching process look so easy. The scene I witness daily is the image of the perfect learning environment.

One of the things I love most about the staff that teach in the school we chose, is that they work tirelessly to continue to develop their student’s social and emotional skills. The emphasis on learning through play creates a breeding ground for a fun education. They endeavour to provide a safe learning environment for children to flourish and they’re absolutely nailing it. Another thing that I’m incredibly impressed with are the links the class has with parents and upper school. No stone has been left unturned, to make the beginning of our daughter’s school career the best it can possibly be. I’m so grateful that the school we have chosen has such an amazing open door policy. After all, school is a journey for the whole family, parents and siblings included.


When the community get it wrong –


‘Those teachers, they get thirteen weeks holiday every year!’

‘I wish I had a job where you could finish at 3pm.’

‘I’d love a job where you only have to mark a few books.’


These are just a few of the things I’ve heard said about teachers. If you’re honest, I imagine you’ve heard them a few times too, you’ve probably even been guilty of saying them. Just in case you were wondering though, all of these statements are so wrong! Teachers may have 13 weeks per year when they don’t have to work in a school with children. That doesn’t mean that they’re not sat at their desk at home grafting until the wee, small hours every night. Believe me, they are. As for finishing work at 3pm each day, see the above statement. Oh and a few books to mark? What about reports, lesson plans and everything else teachers have to tackle on a daily basis? Teachers work damn hard and they deserve all the respect in the world for doing so.