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The Christmas Tag


It’s that time of year again and the festivities are in full swing.  So, in keeping with the Christmas spirit here is my blogger Christmas tag!

What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

The Muppet’s Christmas Carol, I love it and have to watch it at least once during December!

Have you ever had a White Christmas?

I don’t think I have, there have been years where there has been snow on the run up to Christmas but never on the big day.  I would love for my girls to see a white Christmas, it would be so magical!

Where do you usually spend your holiday?

Hubs is a saver of lives so our plans change every year depending on if he is working or not.  This year he has the day off so we are spending the whole day at home.  We will have a bit of an open house going on so both sides of our families can see Baby J and Little E with all of their presents!

What is your favourite Christmas song?

Easy, The Pogues.  What a classic!

Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

No way!  I remember trying this one when I was a teenager but I definitely won’t be letting my two open anything until Christmas day.

Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen? Oh and Rudolph, haha is that it?

What holiday traditions are you looking forward to this year?

I’m loving Elf on the Shelf.  My two are too young to understand it yet, but this is definitely something that we will carry on over the years.  I’ve seen some fabulous ideas from our fellow bloggers over on Instagram!

Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

Fake!  I’m obsessed with vacuuming and so pine needles everywhere will have me at it all day, haha!

What’s your all time favourite holiday treat/food/sweet?

A drink of Baileys at Christmas is my absolute fave!  It’s something I don’t touch all year but when Christmas comes I have to indulge!

Be honest, do you like giving or receiving gifts better?

Giving.  I’m not good at opening presents in front of people whilst they wait for my reaction.  Giving is so much easier!

What is the best Christmas present you have ever received?

Is it bad that nothing stands out?  I must tell Hubs to get his thinking cap on for something mega this year!

What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?

Christmas in New York.  I would love to see America, especially New York.  When my girls are old enough to really enjoy it this is something we will do as a family.  I want to create some amazing memories for them.

Are you a pro present wrapper or do you fail miserably?

I’m awful.  Every year I resolve to make a perfect job of the wrapping and every year it looks like a dogs dinner.  I don’t think it’s my forte!

What made you realise the truth about Santa?

I remember creeping down the stairs as a child when I should have been sleeping and seeing my parents putting the presents under the tree.  It served me right for being such a nosey child!

What makes the holidays special for you?

Seeing the smiles on my girls faces when they open their presents.  Nothing beats seeing them so happy!


Thankyou to Mrs Mummy Harris for the tag!  I’m tagging these fabulous bloggers:

I can’t wait to read your Christmas tag!





  • One Clueless Mumma December 16, 2016 at 2:18 pm

    Thanks for tag. I’m in total agreement about New York! I would love to visit the big apple at Christmas time….hopefully one day! Have a lovely Christmas break with your family. x

    • The Tale of Mummyhood December 18, 2016 at 7:43 pm

      Ah thankyou, you too! Xx


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