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Loving The Life Less Lived – A Mental Health Awareness Week Giveaway

Mental Health Awareness week 2017 falls between 8th – 17th May.  In light of this, here at The Tale of Mummyhood, we are giving away a copy of the fabulous book LOVING THE LIFE LESS LIVED by Gail Marie Mitchell.   ‘Loving The Life Less Lived is an emotional rollercoaster, it’s an honest, often brutal example of how anxiety can…

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Why Podcasts are my New Found Love

Whilst driving and in the gym I’m always plugged in, usually to the radio or the never ending playlists on my phone.  I’m not into any specific genre, so I often vary the station I listen to or the playlist I shuffle through.  However, of late I’ve noticed myself skipping tracks and stations.  I’m bored of the endless rattling on the…

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From SAHM to Working Mum: Acceptance and Changes

As the first birthday of my second baby draws near I’ve found myself re-evaluating our family situation.  Little E’s birthday will also mark the second anniversary of me giving up my business to become a SAHM.  A dream I’d had for years. For a while I thought that I could do the SAHM thing, I got pregnant so soon after…

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Women, Motherhood and Independence: Book Review & Giveaway

Women, Motherhood and Independence.  A Guide to Financial Freedom, Beauty and Confidence After Childbirth written by Penelope Magoulianiti, has the aim of providing it’s reader with a route to achieving their dreams. Penelope is herself a mother of two and knows all too well how difficult juggling family life and work can be.  Women, Motherhood and Independence draws on her…

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Love the Life You Live

It’s human nature to look at a perfect Instagram feed and immediately assume that person’s life is better than your own.  Its part of our make up to compare what we have, to the person who seems to have it all.  It’s estimated that the average person spends one hour and forty minutes browsing their social media pages each day.  How much of this…

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A New Year and a New Start?

I’m not a big believer in New Year’s resolutions.  I think if i’m going to make a change I should just do it.  No preparing myself for it, just biting the bullet and going for it. However, as 2017 is fast approaching I can’t shake the niggling feeling that something has to give.  The freshness of the New Year seems…

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Postnatal Depression – Daring to Talk about Mental Health

Writing about postnatal depression isn’t easy.  I’m torn between wanting to write about it, not quite being ready and worrying about what people will think if they read it. Depression is a tricky subject.  It shouldn’t be, but it is.  People don’t always like to talk about it, sufferers often feel ashamed to admit it.  The stigma that is attached…

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