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Beautifully Different Children’s Book Review & Giveaway

Beautifully Different written by Dana Salim is the second book in the Yousef’s Everyday Adventures series. The message that Beautifully Different puts across is that its ok to be different.  It aims to teach it’s readers that it’s ok to stand out and the key to success is believing in yourself and your abilities! When our copy arrived I was immediately impressed…

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Make Your Garden a Perfect Place for Your Kids

After a few months in hiding (during a season where it was supposed to be out in full view!), the sun is starting to really make its presence known. It’s about this time that parents start to turn more of their attention to the garden. Not just for their own pleasure, of course, but as an outdoor area for their…

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Camping with Kids: A How to Guide

Since having children our holidays have changed dramatically. Long gone are the luxury hotels, city breaks and spa’s.  Welcomed are the outdoors, camping and four pairs of wellies! Now don’t get me wrong, I love camping. It’s the perfect holiday for our girls to get to know the outdoors and to explore. So this week I’ve partnered with Halfords, to bring…

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A Room of Their Own: Where to Start with Kid’s Room Design

Everyone needs their own space, including children. Even if your kids have to share a bedroom, they can still have their own private space to enjoy. Some children’s bedrooms can seem a little dull if you don’t think much about how to decorate them. If you get creative, you can make them much more interesting for your kids. Get Colourful…

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Kite & Cosmic Children’s Clothes in Association with I CAN! Charity

This week we had a fantastic opportunity to work with M & Co on their new Kite & Cosmic children’s clothing range.   This Spring/Summer collection is designed by TV and radio presenter Kate Garraway, as well as being in support of children’s charity I CAN!  Like most parent’s I love buying clothes for my girls, so when I saw what this…

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Getting Through with Two Under Two

My eldest will be two May which means my time of parenting two under two is coming to an end.  It’s been an epic two years of tears, tantrums, laughs and memories.  Not all of the tears and tantrums were from the kids either!  I often wonder how I’ve gotten through the last two years alive, but I did and…

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Reflections as my Littlest Turns One

I’m struggling to believe that a whole year has passed since the littlest of my girls was born.  This time last year I was waddling around waiting, not so patiently to be induced.  Excited to meet our second born and even more excited not to be pregnant, after carrying my first and second for what was very nearly eighteen months straight.…

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Making the Most of Life Around Shift Work

Since Hub’s changed his job two years ago, as a family we’ve had to get used to living life around his shift patterns.  Previously he worked Monday to Friday.  They were long hours and he brought a lot of work home, but it was Monday to Friday nonetheless.  He was always here during the night and our weekends were guaranteed downtime from the daily grind.…

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I’m not the Mother I Thought I’d be.

Even before I was pregnant I had a clear idea of who I would be as a mother.  My children would listen to me, they wouldn’t throw tantrums and we would enjoy playing all day.  I also didn’t feel like I would need to work, being a SAHM would be enough.  I had the rest of my life planned out. After…

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We live in a world where people are too quick to judge.  As individuals, we work hard to make ourselves and our families happy.  We make decisions that will hopefully be a benefit to us.  Decisions that we feel are right and decisions that we have often turned over in our minds for a very long time before acting on them.…

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