Let’s Talk about Money – Multiple Income Streams

*This is a collaborative post.   As a full-time blogger, I firmly believe that making a living from blogging is possible.  It takes a lot of time and effort to build up an audience as well as numerous social media platforms, so it’s never going to happen overnight. It’s also not a job for those […]


Five Ways I Make Money as a Stay at Home Parent

If the last four years has taught me anything, it’s that multiple income streams are the key to a financially stable life. Relying on one income source is like putting all of your eggs in one basket. To be financially free, you need lots of eggs in lots of baskets! Having more than one income […]


The Pressures of Being a Blogger

For some reason, some people believe that being a blogger is a walk in the park. Often all they see is what we get; the days out, the ‘free’ stuff, easy money made from messing around on social media. If I’m being honest I get why people think this, it does appear to be an […]


Essential Home-Buying Tips For Large Families

How can you put a limit on love? You simply can’t, and that’s why there are few things better than a large family. The family get-togethers that take place each evening are a raucous, fun affair, and there’s also one member of the family or another doing something fun and interesting. But let’s be realistic […]


How and Why You can Make any Business Work for You

*This post was written in collaboration with One Click Group.   How many times have you sat back to evaluate your life and wondered about working for yourself? Maybe not full-time and maybe not in something you currently have the qualifications for, but how many times have you dreamt of making your mark on the […]


Self-Employment. Why Having a Boss Just isn’t for Me

*This post was written in collaboration with Rainbow International Franchise.    When I was at school, I didn’t really have much of an idea about what I wanted to be. All I knew was that whatever I became, I wanted to do it for myself. My ultimate goal was to become self-employed. I used to […]


The Ease of One Child Parenting

Ok, so the title to this post is probably a little misleading. Parenting and easy don’t really go well in the same sentence. I suppose what I mean is that when you’ve been bringing up two children for the last three years, then when that number drops to one for part of the week, I […]


Think you’re Too Old to Find Love? Think Again!

Love is the one thing that we all want in our lives. Sometimes we might think we don’t need it, but at the end of the day it’s always preferable to have that special someone in your life. Some people have one love, others have multiple loves. Some relationships last forever, others run their course. […]


Four Easy ways to Make Money from Home

Ever since I gave up my first business back in 2015, I’ve made it my mission to find legitimate ways of making money from home. For a little while I was a stay at home mum, but like many others before me I needed something else in my life. I needed to feel the purpose […]